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‘Dawana’ Will Be ‘Hollywood At Its Finest’

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Hill Harper (CSI: New York‘s Dr Sheldon Hawkes) adds to his resume by co-producing the feature film Dawana.

Harper is credited as a co-producer alongside Morris Ruskin, CEO of Shoreline Entertainment, and Director-Screenwriter Jordan Walker-Pearlman. Shoreline Entertainment teamed up with CinEssence Films to create the movie, and CinEssence’s co-principal Peter Kleidman is acting as executive producer on the project. “This is my third film with Jordan and I am looking forward to this story’s intensity, life, and epic feel realized on the big screen,” Ruskin said in a press release.

“Morris is a gentleman-executive in a certain proud Hollywood tradition. I am really happy he and Shoreline are such a big part of Dawana, and having them alongside Hill Harper as Producer makes me feel very fortunate,” Walker-Pearlman added. Harper said Walker-Pearlman and Ruskin “represent the best of what Hollywood has to offer.” He continued, “Dawana will not only be a financially successful film, it will also be one that all involved will be proud to have been a part of for many years to come. And that’s a great combination– Hollywood at its finest.”

Dawana is about an African-American diplomat named Lottie Traylor. She has an emotional past and a brilliant career, and she finds herself assigned to the fictional country of Dawana, Africa. Lottie develops an emotional connection to a village that is trying to keep its culture alive and its children safe despite the intrusion of international organizations and the danger of militias.

Casting for Dawana is underway in Los Angeles, California. Filming will take place on location in South Africa, Washington, DC and the Harlem neighborhood in New York City. Many roles will be filled in South Africa, and production offices will be moved there when filming begins in the country.

The original information is from eMediaWire.

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