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News Headlines for September 2005

Sep 30 - Telgenhoff: If You Want To Be Like Grissom, Go To Acting School
The forensic consultant for 'CSI' talks about the differences between real and fake CSIs and how Zuiker surprised him by turning his job into a show.

Sep 30 - 'NY' Loses A CSI In 'Grand Murder At Central Station'
As Mac and Hawkes investigate the death of a plastic surgeon, one of the CSIs does the unthinkable and ends up losing their job. Transcript, screen caps, and spoilers inside.

Sep 29 - First 'Prey' Footage Released
A teenage girl goes missing and the 'Miami' team must find her before it's too late. Screen caps, transcript, and spoilers inside.

Sep 29 - News Bullets
Access Hollywood from the set of CSI, Hall visits Ferguson, Kanakaredes's charity work, 'CSI' and 'Miami' screen caps and more.

Sep 29 - Review: CSI: New York--'Summer In The City'
'CSI: NY''s sophomore season gets off to a roaring start when a climber's fall from the Empire State Building reveals another murder.

Sep 29 - 'CSI' Holds Off 'Desperate Housewives' -- For Now
In the first week of the new fall season, 'CSI' draws in 29 million viewers, while 'DH' gets 28.4 million. Plus: 'CSI: Miami,' 'Grave Danger' ratings.

Sep 28 - Helgenberger Hopes To See Hubby On 'CSI' Again
The 'CSI' star talks about the new season of 'CSI' and why she wants her husband to guest-star again.

Sep 28 - 'CSI' & 'Miami' DVD Extras Revealed
Paramount finally unveils what viewers will be able to find in the awaited DVD sets.

Sep 28 - Vanessa Ferlito: You Can't Fake New York
Aiden Burn actress talks about what helped her land the 'New York' role and gives her opinion on the tension between 'CSI' and its two spin-offs.

Sep 27 - CBS Plans To Create CSI Spin-Off For Cell Phones
A new version of 'CSI' may be available soon for people with cell phones. CBS also hopes to offer other programs.

Sep 27 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Bodies In Motion'
The CSI team is brought back together in the sixth season opener as they puzzle over three cases.

Sep 27 - An Actor Gets More Than He Bargained For In 'Room Service'
The Vegas team investigates the murder of a young actor whose entourage may know more than they let on. Screen caps, transcripts, and spoilers inside!

Sep 26 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and stop it, with the procedural dramas.

Sep 26 - A Girls Only Weekend Ends In Disaster On 'CSI: Miami'
Delko, Calleigh, and Ryan investigate the death of a pool guy while a department investigation could cause them their jobs. Spoilers inside!

Sep 25 - Official 'Blood,' 'Summer' & 'Room Service' Details
It's the first week with new episodes from all three 'CSI' shows! Full plot info, creative crew & guest cast listings inside.

Sep 24 - Chat Transcript: Eddie Cahill
CSI: New York's Det. Flack actor talks with fans about his character, his other TV shows & films, what inspires him, and much more!

Sep 24 - CBS Releases 'Blood In The Water' Promo
In the second episode of 'Miami', the disappearance of a teenager in the ocean leads the CSIs to the world of yacht clubs. Transcript, screen caps, and spoilers inside.

Sep 23 - TV Guide Channel Talks To 'Miami' Cast
The cast of the popular series talks about romantic entanglements, long vacations, and self-defense. Mild spoilers inside!

Sep 23 - 'Killer Instinct', 'Ghost Whisperer' To Premiere Tonight
Josh Berman's show about a team hunting down San Francisco's most deviant killers and Aisha Tyler's new mysterious drama see the light of day.

Sep 22 - 'NY' Lead 'Criminal Minds' Premieres Tonight
The new show about a team of FBI profilers who hunt down the countries most dangerous serial killers will follow 'CSI' tonight.

Sep 22 - Shankar: We're Not Worried About Running Out Of Material
The 'CSI' co-executive producer preludes the new season and reveals why the show won't lose its stride any time soon.

Sep 22 - First 'Shooting Stars' Plot Details Revealed
Gil Grissom makes a gruesome discovery after a cult leader calls on his followers to commit mass suicide. Spoilers for this season's fourth episode of the original 'CSI!'

Sep 21 - News Bullets
'From The Grave' ratings, Dourdan talks Emmy Idol, 'Miami' caps, how to get Helgenberger's clothes off her back, and more.

Sep 21 - Cast Of 'CSI' Reveals What's In Store For Season 6
The new season will be emotional, confrontational, and all about Grissom, confirms the cast. Spoilers inside!

Sep 20 - Review: CSI: Miami--'From The Grave'
Horatio pursues a deadly gang in the fourth season premiere of 'CSI: Miami'!

Sep 20 - Eva LaRue Enjoys Creating Tension In 'Miami'
Natalia Boa Vista actress reveals why she's already loving her new gig and how she became a 'Miami' junkie.

Sep 19 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and the Emmys, aka give me my night back, CBS!

Sep 19 - 'CSI' Walks Home Empty-Handed From Emmys
Director Quentin Tarantino misses out on the Best Director award; 'CSI' and 'Miami' fail to receive any technical nods.

Sep 19 - Entertainment Tonight Uncovers 'CSI: Miami' Secrets
Caruso promises 'a little more darkness than we were anticipating' in fourth season premiere tonight.

Sep 18 - Eddie Cahill To Participate In Live CSI Files Chat
This Thursday, CSI: New York's Det. Flack actor will be answering your questions about the new season, his character, his career, and more!

Sep 16 - 'CSI' To Finally Reveal What Makes Grissom Tick
TV Guide previews the new season of the franchise: 'CSI' will delve into Grissom's mind while Horatio and Mac meet again in 'Miami' and 'New York.' Spoilers inside!

Sep 15 - ALERT: Entertainment Tonight Visits Set Of ‘CSI’
The media show visits the set of 'CSI' to uncover the explosive details of the show's season premiere.

Sep 15 - News Bullets
Aisha Tyler declares herself a curious skeptic, the Lt. Dan Band peform, 'Miami' promo pictures released and more!

Sep 14 - 'New York' Premiere Postponed Due To Bush Speech
In light of President Bush's newly announced primetime speech, 'Grave Danger' and 'Summer In The City' will be pushed back a week.

Sep 13 - Sinise: ‘New York’ To Have Different Flavor
Mac Taylor actor talks about the new 'New York' look and why he decided to switch from movies to television.

Sep 13 - New Procedural 'Bones' To Premiere Tonight
The 'CSI-like' procedural is set to begin tonight; critics call it one of the season's best.

Sep 13 - New ‘CSI’ Season Six Details Come To Light
The new season of ‘CSI’ begins to take shape as one character weds, one is demoted, and another takes someone to bed. Spoilers inside!

Sep 12 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and summer flicks.

Sep 12 - First 'Bite Me' Spoilers
In this year's third original 'CSI' episode, the reunited team grows suspicious of a man who seems to keep losing wives under suspicious circumstances.

Sep 10 - Giovinazzo Getting Used To 'New York' Groove
Danny Messer actor talks about the hectic schedule of the show and explains why being silent with Gary Sinise is so challenging.

Sep 9 - Alexander: 'Miami' Cast Battles Tiredness With Humor
Alexx Woods actress describes the mood on the set and reveals her plans for the future.

Sep 9 - 'CSI’ Helps Criminals Avoid Identification
Criminals who watch ‘CSI’ prove harder to catch, according to New Scientist magazine.

Sep 8 - News Bullets
William Petersen on GSR, 'Miami' and 'CSI' DVDs get release dates, Kanakaredes's movie gets praised, and more!

Sep 8 - Gary Sinise Urges Fans To Help Katrina Victims
The ‘CSI: New York’ star mobilizes to help Gulf Coast residents. Plus: CBS and other networks to air Hurricane Katrina relief telethon.

Sep 7 - Sofia Milos Won’t Miss The Dead Bodies
The 'CSI: Miami' actress talks about the most unpleasant part about her job.

Sep 6 - Gary Dourdan To Sing Live At The Emmys
Warrick Brown actor to perform ‘The Jeffersons’ theme song alongside Macy Gray during this year’s ceremony.

Sep 6 - Khandi Alexander Plays Doctor On And Off TV
The 'CSI: Miami' actress talks about her real-life encounter with doctors and nurses.

Sep 6 - Entertainment Weekly Takes A Peek At New Season Of 'CSI'
'CSI' goes retro, 'Miami' gets personal, and 'New York' gets a make-over during this upcoming season. Mild spoilers inside!

Sep 5 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and internet? Inter-not.

Sep 5 - CBS Highlights The Newness Of 'New York'
30-second trailer for the second season of 'CSI: New York' includes scenes from the first new episodes, as well as a first look at the new sets.

Sep 4 - Official 'Bodies In Motion' Details Revealed
The team reunites in time to investigate three gruesome murders. Plus: CBS to give away a Chevrolet Impala during 'CSI.' Spoilers inside!

Sep 4 - Fox Advised Emily Procter To Join 'CSI: Miami'
Fellow 'West Wing' alumna Jorja Fox told the Calleigh Duqeusne actress she'd like CSI -- and four years on, Procter says it's the best job she's ever had.

Sep 1 - News Bullets
Sofia Milos still hopes to portray Salas again, Sinise lends voice to 3-D space film, Ireland shelves 'Crime Wave' out of respect to Katrina victims, and more!

Sep 1 - CBS Unveils Official 'Miami' & 'New York' Premiere Info
Horatio Caine and Mac Taylor face a brand new season full of robberies, murders, and changes. Spoilers inside!

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