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News Headlines for May 2008

May 31 - The Submissions Are In
The franchise offers episodes and actors for Emmy consideration.

May 29 - Go To 'The Happy Place'
The second episode of 'CSI''s ninth season includes two gruesome murders with a little hypnosis on the side. Major spoilers inside!

May 28 - The Franchise Has Some Questions To Answer
Find out what's coming up for the new season, and a 'One Tree Hill' star visits 'New York'. Spoilers inside!

May 28 - Dourdan Pleads Guilty
The actor won't face jail time.

May 28 - Making Television The 'CSI' Way
Behind-the-scenes interviews give an inside look at how the show is made.

May 27 - Making The Money Shot
The visual effects behind the sinkhole on 'Miami'.

May 26 - This Week On 'CSI'
With the season finales over with, the franchise is back to repeats.

May 26 - Ratings Round-Up
The 'Miami' and 'New York' finales score the top spot.

May 26 - News Bullets
Description of the 'CSI' season nine premiere. Plus: 'CSI' videos, Fox is sexy, Lombard's bad accent, five BMI awards and Lafevre's career expands. Spoilers at the end!

May 26 - 'CSI: The Experience' Goes To Columbus
The traveling exhibit opens in Ohio.

May 22 - Review: CSI: New York--'Hostage'
Mac agrees to go into a bank where a gunman is holding employees hostage in order to prove the man didn't kill the manager.

May 23 - Fox's Return Is Confirmed
The actress is set to appear in season nine. Spoilers inside.

May 23 - 'CSI' Takes Second Place
'Desperate Housewives' knocks the crime drama off its pedestal.

May 22 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Going Ballistic'
The ME replacing Alexx is gunned down at a crime scene in 'Miami''s sixth season finale.

May 22 - The NY Team Learns The Truth In 'Veritas'
The fifth season premiere of 'New York' will pick up where the finale left off, and a member of Flack's family might be involved. Major spoilers inside!

May 22 - News Bullets
More info on the new 'CSI' cast member, and will Horatio survive? Also, La Rue engaged, G-OIL doesn't attract ants, 'Eleventh Hour' first look, CBS earns profits and Harper releases book. Spoilers inside!

May 21 - MacDonald: It Was Exciting
The 'CSI' writer talks about his start on the show and writing Fox's final episode.

May 21 - Linn Goes From OK To LA
The 'Miami' actor keeps in touch with his roots and gives a set tour.

May 20 - One CSI Risks His Life In 'Hostage'
Mac enters an active bank robbery, and the team must help him prove a man's innocence in the season four finale. Major spoilers inside!

May 19 - 'Going Ballistic' & 'Hostage' Official Details
Horatio and Mac are both put in danger during the season finales of 'Miami' and 'New York'. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

May 19 - Ratings Round-Up
The season finale of 'CSI' dominated in overall viewers.

May 17 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'For Gedda'
Warrick becomes the prime suspect in the murder of mobster Lou Gedda when he's found covered in blood standing over the body.

May 17 - She'll Be Back
Helgenberger renews her contract.

May 17 - Szmanda Rocks Out
The 'CSI' actor puts his knowledge of music to work.

May 16 - One Killer Is 'Going Ballistic'
Someone from the lab gets gunned down, and what looks like a suicide is anything but in the season finale of 'Miami'. Major spoilers inside!

May 16 - Fox: It Was This Magnetic Pull
The official magazine talks to the former 'CSI' star.

May 16 - Smith Replaces Fox
'CSI' casts new female character. Also, news on Warrick's replacement.

May 15 - Review: CSI: New York--'Taxi'
The team races to find the taxi cab killer after he abducts someone close to Mac.

May 15 - CBS Announces Fall Schedule
The network adds shows, but the 'CSI' franchise stays in place.

May 14 - 'CSI' Stars Say Burma Can't Wait
Celebrities lend their voices to the call for action.

May 14 - Sinise And Lenkov Discuss Cliffhanger
The 'New York' season finale will leave viewers in suspense. Spoilers inside.

May 13 - Dourdan Charged With Drug Possession
The 'CSI' star will be in court later this month.

May 12 - 'CSI' Sings A Swan Song 'For Gedda'
An unexpected visitor crashes a funeral, and Warrick faces more trouble with Lou Gedda in the season eight finale. Major spoilers inside!

May 12 - 'Down To The Wire', 'Taxi' & 'For Gedda' Official Details
Three new episodes air this week, including 'CSI''s season finale. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

May 12 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise continues to place as usual.

May 9 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Rock And A Hard Place'
When a drug lord is killed by a piece of slate during a jet ski race, Horatio is surprised to find the evidence in the case connects the murder to someone close to one of his own team.

May 8 - Review: CSI: New York--'Personal Foul'
The taxi cab killer strikes again, leading to panic in New York City; Flack, Danny and Lindsay investigate the death of a man at a basketball game.

May 8 - News Bullets
'Miami' features microscope, Microsoft makes money, Szmanda shares music, 'New York' finds fingerprints, Helgenberger sells milk, Harper DVD giveaway, Lorre's burning desire and Kanakaredes supports cancer research.

May 7 - La Rue: It Happened Completely By Accident
The 'Miami' actress explains how she was hired and dishes about the season six finale. Minor spoilers inside.

May 5 - Comedy And Crime Trade Places
The executive producers of 'CSI' and 'Two and a Half Men' discuss the writers' crossover.

May 5 - Dourdan Speaks
The 'CSI' actor talks about his recent arrest.

May 5 - 'Rock And A Hard Place', 'Personal Foul' & 'Two And A Half Deaths' Official Details
A member of the 'Miami' team goes too far, 'New York' deals with a serial killer and 'CSI' gets funny. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

May 5 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise continues to win in overall viewers, but numbers are down year-to-year.

May 5 - Lorre: It Was A Half-Assed Idea
'CSI' and 'Two and a Half Men' trade writers.

May 3 - 'CSI' Casts Fox's Replacement--Or Not
Sackhoff considered for role. Plus, get a glimpse of the new 'CSI' character. Minor spoilers inside.

May 3 - One Murderer Takes It To The Court In 'Personal Foul'
The team deals with a dead basketball fan, and the taxi cab killer strikes again in the nineteenth episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

May 1 - Review: CSI: New York--'Admissions'
Mac and his team pursue the killer of a high school guidance counselor slain on prom night at a posh New York prep school.

May 1 - Friends Worry About Dourdan
Members of the 'CSI' staff are concerned for his health. Also, Warrick won't be gone for good.

May 1 - 'New York' Crowns Prom King
Acting takes one young man back to school.

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