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News Headlines for May 2006

May 29 - Gary Sinise: Knowing He Can Help Troops A Good Feeling
The 'CSI: New York' star talks about his USO tour and playing around the world for the US troops.

May 27 - Carol Mendelsohn: 'We Are Not A Soap Opera'
The 'CSI' showrunner talks about the Grissom-Sara relationship, the show without Billy Petersen, and 'Grey's Anatomy's move to Thursday nights.

May 26 - 'CSI' Sees Ratings Slip, Still Remains #1 Scripted Show
The final report for the 2005-2006 season comes out with comparatively disappointing numbers for both 'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami'.

May 26 - Review: CSI: Miami--'One Of Our Own'
The fourth season concludes with Horatio hot on the trail of his wife's killer, and the CSIs grapple with the revelation of the lab's mole.

May 24 - Season Wrap-Up Bittersweet For 'CSI: Miami' Cast
'Miami' actors talk about the season finale episode and why they may need a lot of energy for season 5.

May 23 - George Eads A Fan Of Harsh Punishment For Criminals
Nick Stokes actor talks about his views on the judicial system and his character's past.

May 22 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the fandom two years ago, and poll results.

May 22 - CBS Announces 2006-2007 Season Schedule
The Eye network adds four new shows to its line-up and renews 18 of its hits.

May 22 - 'CSI: Miami' Season Finale Promo Available At CBS
In the season finale of 'Miami', Horatio looks in search of the man responsible for Marisol's death, and at he lab, the mole is revealed. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

May 20 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Way To Go'
Brass fights for his life while the CSIs investigate the deaths of two men, one found decapitated on a train track and the other dead in his apartment after a night of revelry.

May 18 - Review: CSI: New York--'Charge Of This Post'
Mac pursues a serial bomber while Flack fights for his life after barely surviving the bombing of an office building.

May 18 - Guilfoyle Has Come To Terms With Brass's Possible Death
Jim Brass actor talks about tonight's season finale, and why he's grown used to the idea of being written out. Mild spoilers inside!

May 18 - ALERT: 'ET' On Set Of 'CSI' Season Finale
Get a closer look at the 'CSI' finale 'Way To Go' with the reports from 'Entertainment Tonight'.

May 17 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Rampage'
Tragedy strikes Miami when Horatio's new wife lands in the hospital after being gunned down in broad daylight.

May 17 - 'CSI' To Receive Fierce Competition From 'Grey's Anatomy'
Grissom and the team will deal with a new opponent next season: 'Grey's Anatomy' is moving to Thursday nights.

May 17 - ALERT: 'The Insider' Behind The Scenes Of 'NY'
Get a sneak peak of tonight's 'CSI: New York' season finale.

May 16 - 'Way To Go' Promo Available Online
In the wake of the Brass shooting, Grissom is faced with a decision that could kill his best friend. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

May 15 - Site Columns
Message board musings, poll results, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and New Yorkers. Fugeddaboutit.

May 15 - CBS Releases 'Charge Of This Post' Promo
A bomber is terrorizing New York and Mac and his team must find him before he strikes again. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

May 15 - ALERT: ET Online On The Set Of 'CSI: Miami'
Entertainment Tonight and CBS News go behind the scenes of tonight's 'Miami' episode, 'Rampage.'

May 13 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Bang Bang'
One of the team is injured when a tense hostage negotiation sitution ends in gunfire.

May 12 - Boyfriend Betrayal Changed Stella's Life, Says Kanakaredes
The 'CSI: New York' lead actress says the events from 'All Access' will make her character better at her job, as she'll never look at victims the same way again.

May 12 - Fox: Season-Ender Will Cause Jaws To Drop
Sara Sidle actress says there will be two cliff-hangers in next week's season finale, promises she'll be with the show for a while to come.

May 11 - Review: CSI: New York--'Heroes'
The team is shocked when the burned body of a beating victim turns out to be a former colleague.

May 10 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Shock'
A beautiful young socialite's murder reveals a drug and human slavery trafficking operation in Miami.

May 9 - Hill Harper and Eddie Cahill To Participate In Live CSI Files Chat
Join two 'CSI: NY' stars on Tuesday, May 16th, the eve of the show's second season finale, to have all your 'New York' questions answered!

May 9 - CBS Releases 'Heroes' Promo
Mac investigates the death of a Marine, while at the same time the team deals with a death of an ex-CSI. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

May 9 - 'CSIs' Fight For One Of Their Own In 'Way To Go'
A member of the Las Vegas team fights for his life in the final episode of CSI's 6th season.

May 8 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Time Of Your Death'
A young man dies after a night that fulfills all of his fantasies.

May 5 - Rex Linn Will Do Anything To Remain On 'CSI: Miami'
Frank Tripp actor talks about his mole-induced paranoia, the background he's created for his character, and 'Miami's gross factor.

May 4 - Alana de la Garza: Marisol Brings Out Horatio's Emotional Side
The 'CSI: Miami' actress talks about the Horatio-Marisol romance and why she feels blessed to be working on the show.

May 4 - Review: CSI: New York--'Stealing Home'
Lindsay is upset by her latest case, the murder of a young woman from Montana whose body is discovered in the river.

May 3 - 'Time Of Your Death' Promo Now Online
A man living out his fantasies in Las Vegas ends up dead. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

May 3 - 'CSI' Finale May End With Heartbroken Warrick
Warrick Brown's marriage may crumble before the season ends, reveals Naren Shankar. Spoilers inside.

May 2 - CBS Releases 'Stealing Home' Promo
Mac and Stella investigate the murder of a man who had two wives, while Danny and Lindsay look into the death of a mermaid. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

May 2 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Open Water'
A man discovered overboard on cruise ship is killed by sharks and signs of a struggle aboard the ship point to foul play.

May 2 - Emily Procter: Two Characters Will Die On 'CSI: Miami'
Calleigh Duquesne actress talks about the show's upcoming storylines, one of which will leave two actors without a job next season. Mild spoilers inside!

May 1 - Site Columns
Message board musings, poll results, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and sinking island.

May 1 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -- 'Rashomama'
After the evidence from their case is stolen, the CSIs must use their own accounts of the crime to try to piece together what happened.

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