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News Headlines for January 2004

Jan 31 - CBS Releases Official Details For 'Blood Moon' And 'Suckers'
Find out the details for this week's new episodes of 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI!'

Jan 30 - Speedle Gets Unwanted Help In 'Wannabe'
A man makes off with a key piece of evidence in this upcoming episode of 'CSI: Miami.' Spoilers inside!

Jan 30 - CBS Releases 'Suckers' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's new episode of 'CSI.' Trailer transcript inside!

Jan 29 - Dourdan: 'CSI' Popular With Black Audiences
'CSI' actor proud that 'CSI' is number one in black households. Details inside!

Jan 27 - CBS Releases 'Blood Moon' Trailer
Download the trailer for next week's new 'CSI: Miami' episode!

Jan 26 - News Bullets
Cinema Audio Society Awards, Spike TV, Eads, Golden Globe pics, and more!

Jan 26 - 'CSI' Shut Out At Golden Globes
'CSI' loses trophies to '24' and 'Without a Trace''s Anthony LaPaglia. Details inside!

Jan 26 - Site Columns
Hello World: Academy Awards edition, BBS, new poll, reruns and more!

Jan 26 - A Robbery Gets Complicated In 'Money For Nothing'
Horatio is at the scene of a robbery in this upcoming episode of 'CSI: Miami'! Spoilers inside!

Jan 25 - 'CSI,' Petersen Compete For Golden Globes Tonight
Marg Helgenberger of 'CSI' will be a presenter as well. Details inside!

Jan 23 - Prison Murder Baffles The CSIs
The body of an inmate at a women's prison is discovered tied to the bottom of a bus. Spoilers inside!

Jan 23 - 'The Apprentice' Moves To Thursday Nights Opposite 'CSI'
Donald Trump reality show backs off 'American Idol' timeslot. Details inside!

Jan 21 - Football Edges Out 'CSI' For Top Spot
NFC Championship bumps 'CSI' to number two position. Final ratings information inside!

Jan 20 - 9/11 Motivated New York Selection
Big Apple's struggles and triumphs since September 11th, 2001 made it a standout choice for the third 'CSI' show. Details inside!

Jan 19 - 'CSI: New York' Will Debut On 'Miami'
Second spinoff will follow the pattern of the first by introducing the characters on 'CSI: Miami.'

Jan 19 - Site Columns
Hello World on 'CSI: New York', Talk CSI Files threads, and what's on the 'CSI' shows this week!

Jan 19 - CBS Builds Fall Schedule
'CSI: New York' planned for fall 2004; Moonves announces show renewals. Details inside!

Jan 16 - Last Week's Final Ratings Show 'CSI' On Top
'Eleven Angry Jurors' drew 27.5 million viewers last week. Details inside!

Jan 16 - 'Apprentice' Can't Top 'CSI' Overnights
CBS feeling no butterflies as its ratings trump NBC.

Jan 16 - The Big Apple To Be The Home Of Third 'CSI' Show
Producers select New York City over New Orleans as the setting for the new 'CSI' spinoff!

Jan 15 - 'CSI' Scores SAG Nomination
Entire cast earns ensemble nod; nomination details inside!

Jan 15 - 'CSI' And 'The Apprentice' Go Head To Head Tonight
CBS and NBC duke it out over the coveted 18-49, most watched categories.

Jan 13 - 'Witness To Murder' Is Monday Night's Champ
New episode of 'CSI: Miami' leads CBS to a Monday night victory. Ratings details inside!

Jan 12 - 'CSI' To Air In Normal Time Slot This Week
After shuffling by CBS and NBC, 'CSI' and 'The Apprentice' will face off on Thursday night, not Wednesday as originally scheduled!

Jan 12 - Site Columns
Hello World on 'CSI' Pairings, Talk CSI threads, a birthday and more!

Jan 12 - 'CSI' Is People's Choice For Drama
Show wins Favorite Dramatic Series at 30th People's Choice Awards; many cast, crewmembers in attendance.

Jan 11 - CBS Releases Official Details For 'Witness To Murder' And 'Butterflied'
Complete details for new 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI' episodes this week.

Jan 11 - Two Puzzling Murders Challenge The CSIs In 'Getting Off'
A former addict and a clown are the victims in this upcoming 'CSI' episode. Spoilers inside!

Jan 9 - The Verdict Is In: 'Jurors' Wins Thursday Night
New episode of 'CSI' is the number one show for the evening, despite competition from Donald Trump!

Jan 9 - CBS Releases 'Butterflied' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's new episode of 'CSI', airing next week on Wednesday!

Jan 9 - The Everglades Are Plagued By Murder In 'Slash & Burn'
The CSIs have three dead bodies on their hands in this upcoming 'Miami' episode. Spoilers inside!

Jan 8 - 'CSI: Miami', Dourdan Pick Up Image Award Nominations
Dourdan will compete for the outstanding actor award after winning the supporting actor award at last year's ceremony.

Jan 7 - Los Angeles Detective Was The Inspiration For Horatio Caine
Meet the former LAPD officer who consults on 'CSI: Miami'!

Jan 7 - 'Complications' Wins Monday Night
'CSI: Miami' led CBS's line up of winners on Monday night. Ratings details inside!

Jan 6 - CBS Releases 'Witness To Murder' Promo
Download the trailer for the next new episode of 'CSI: Miami' inside!

Jan 6 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS chat, new poll, this week's episodes and more.

Jan 4 - Official Details For 'Complications' And 'Eleven Angry Jurors' Released
Get the scoop on this week's brand new episodes of 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI' here!

Jan 4 - 'CSI' Tops Fall Season Charts
'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami' both place in the top ten in 'Entertainment Weekly''s TV winners and losers report.

Jan 2 - CBS Releases 'Eleven Angry Jurors' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's brand new episode of 'CSI'!

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