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News Headlines for April 2009

Apr 30 - Review: CSI: New York--'Yahrzeit'
The New York team investigates a murder in an auction house that turns up a familiar suspect: Neo-Nazi Michael Elgers.

Apr 30 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Dead On Arrival'
A reality show contestant turns up dead leading the Miami team to suspect someone associated with the show may have murdered her.

Apr 29 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'If I Had A Hammer'
Catherine is forced to revisit her first solo case as a CSI when the man her evidence put away manages to get his case reopened.

Apr 27 - Interview: Robert David Hall
'CSI''s coroner previews this Thursday's episode, which brings Doc Robbins out of the morgue and on the hunt for an explanation to a medical mystery, and discusses Robbins' relationship with the newest members of the team, Ray Langston and Riley Adams, and his start on the show. Spoilers inside!

Apr 27 - 'Dead On Arrival', 'Yahrzeit' & 'The Gone Dead Train' Official Details
'Miami' explores reality TV, the past comes back to haunt 'New York', and a mystery baffles the 'CSI' team. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Apr 27 - Ratings Round-Up
'CSI' shares first place.

Apr 27 - News Bullets
Harper grades essays, Echikunwoke supports first ladies, Harper delivers speech, Blue-ray giveaway, Lt Dan Band performs, 'CSI' tops favorites list, Fishburne's heist thriller and Harper's latest movie role.

Apr 24 - Interview: Corey Miller
The departing 'CSI: Miami' supervising producer discusses his decision to leave the show, what he'll miss most about 'Miami' and what's in store for the rest of the season. Spoilers inside!

Apr 25 - Fans 'Consider' Petersen And Fishburne
New Facebook profiles show support for the 'CSI' leading men. Also, fans can 'Connect' with their social network.

Apr 23 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'A Space Oddity'
A controversial producer winds up dead at a science fiction convention Hodges and Wendy are attending.

Apr 23 - Petersen: There Will Be A Movie
The former star discusses the possibility of 'CSI' on the big screen.

Apr 22 - Season Finale Details Revealed
'CSI' uses deadly force, lives are in danger on 'Miami', and 'New York' loses one of its own. Contains spoilers!

Apr 22 - 'If I Had A Hammer' Official Details
'CSI' visits a case from Catherine's past. Official plot details and cast list inside.

Apr 20 - Interview: Peter Lenkov
In an exclusive interview, the 'CSI: NY' executive producer talks with CSI Files about what's coming up as season five races towards its conclusion, Mac's contentious relationship with media mogul Robert Dunbrook, Danny and Lindsay's trip to the altar and the impetus behind the return of Marty Pino. Spoilers inside!

Apr 20 - Ratings Round-Up
All three series come out on top.

Apr 18 - News Bullets
Caruso stalker sentenced, Cahill talks hockey, Linn goes home and Kanakaredes presents scholarship. Also: Green guest stars and details on the 'CSI' finale. Spoilers at the end!

Apr 16 - Review: CSI: NY--'The Past, Present And Murder'
Mac is convinced that media mogul Robert Dunbrook is hiding something after a man falls to his death from Dunbrook's office window--and disappears.

Apr 16 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Chip/Tuck'
A plastic surgeon meets a gruesome end in a wood chipper, leaving the Miami team to hunt for his killer.

Apr 15 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Descent Of Man'
The team is surprised to discover a connection between the sabotage of a skydiver's equipment and a double homicide at a mansion.

Apr 13 - 'Chip/Tuck', 'The Past, Present And Murder' & 'A Space Oddity' Official Details
An old enemy returns to 'Miami', 'New York' has a missing body, and 'CSI' goes sci-fi. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Apr 13 - Ratings Round-Up
'New York' and 'CSI' win their timeslots.

Apr 13 - News Bullets
Smith gets married, Sinise co-hosts concert, 'CSI' is big moneymaker, Harper delivers speech, new IBIS system and Rhymes is 'Miami' fanatic. Also, a 'Friday Night Lights' actress visits 'CSI'. Spoilers at the end!

Apr 12 - Ex-Girlfriend Files Lawsuit Against Caruso
The 'Miami' star faces a legal battle with the mother of his children.

Apr 12 - Operation Iraqi Children Makes A Huge Delivery
Sinise's program sends 20 tons of school supplies to needy children.

Apr 10 - Review: CSI: New York--'Prey'
The New York team hits a roadblock when they discover a killer left evidence at the scene of a crime meant to be intentionally misleading.

Apr 10 - Familiar Faces Return In 'The Past, Present And Murder'
Robert Dunbrook is back, and a body goes missing in the twenty-first episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside! (Edited for airdate.)

Apr 9 - Carpenter Gets 'Slinky'
The actress discusses her guest appearance on 'CSI'. Contains spoilers.

Apr 9 - Buckley And Kanakaredes Divulge Details
'New York' travels into the past and out of the country for upcoming episodes, and 'CSI' will feature some real-life technology. Contains spoilers! (Edited to correct error.)

Apr 9 - Petersen: I Was Saying Hello To Myself
The former 'CSI' star discusses leaving the show and how he feels about his replacement.

Apr 7 - Interview: Hill Harper
The 'CSI: NY' actor talks romance, friendship and ethics for his character, coroner-turned-CSI Sheldon Hawkes, as well as his upcoming third book and his trip to Washington, DC for President Obama's inauguration. Spoilers inside!

Apr 8 - 'Miami' Responds To 'The Bachelor'
An upcoming episode imitates the reality show. Contains spoilers.

Apr 8 - News Bullets
Harper delivers keynote speech, no 'CSI' reruns, Helgenberger not grossed out, Buckley attends convention, Rodriguez gets movie role, Sinise supports troops and Lt Dan Band performs.

Apr 6 - 'Prey' & 'The Descent Of Man' Official Details
'New York' visits the theater, and 'CSI' investigates a dead skydiver. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Apr 6 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' wins its timeslot, but 'CSI' loses to the 'ER' finale.

Apr 4 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Mascara'
The show's 200th episode finds Ray Langston and the team investigating the death of one of his former students.

Apr 4 - An Old Nemesis Returns In 'Chip/Tuck'
A plastic surgeon is murdered in the twenty-first episode of 'Miami', and the investigation leads the team to someone they thought was dead. Major spoilers inside!

Apr 2 - 'CSI' Speaks A 'Visual Language'
Shankar and Mendelsohn discuss the show's impact on the audience.

Apr 2 - 'CSI' Celebrates 200 Episodes With Friedkin
The director talks about Lucha Libre and working on TV. Contains minor spoilers.

Apr 2 - News Bullets
Helgenberger visits talk shows, DeCandido receives Grandmaster Award, 'Headhunter' nominated, 'Ghostfacers' website launched, upcoming 'CSI' novel, TV comes to BlackBerry and Giovinazzo visits film festival. Also, La Rue shares info about the end of the season for 'Miami'. Spoilers at the end!

Apr 1 - Review: CSI Miami--'Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing'
Ryan finds himself in between a rock and a hard place when the Russian mafia forces him to compromise a case.

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