Sofia Milos To Leave 'CSI: Miami'

By Carolina
July 13, 2005 - 4:49 PM

Fans of Yelina Salas received some disappointing news today, as Mike Ausiello, of TV Guide's Ask Ausiello column, announced that Sofia Milos has been written out Miami.

The columnist broke the news to a fan who asked what season 4 had in store for the Horatio-Yelina romance. "I've got bad news for ya. Sofia Milos (aka Yelina) is gone for good," Ausiello said. "My Miami mole tells me the Horatio-Yelina thing ran its course and a new love interest is on the horizon for David Caruso."

Milos was first introduced to the show in the season 1 episode "Simple Man," where she was revealed to be not only Horatio Caine's widowed sister-in-law, but the object of his affection. The actress was featured all through season 2 as a guest star, and was finally granted star billing in the season 3 premiere, "Lost Son."

Salas was last seen in the season finale, "10-7," where her husband Raymond Caine finally revealed himself after his family thought he had been dead. Yelina and her son boarded an airplane bound to Brazil with Raymond as per Horatio's insistence. Though Raymond Caine's safety depends on him staying out of the country, actor Dean Winters, who portrayed Raymond, hinted there is a good chance that we'll get to see him on the show again (news).

Horatio Caine's last romantic interest was State Attorney Rebecca Nevins (portrayed by Christina Chang). Nevins last appeared in the episode "Cop Killer," in which Horatio broke their romantic ties due to conflict of interests. Though Caine has been seen flirting with various one-time characters, his main romance continues to be with his job. His upcoming lady-love might be the real thing, but it is not yet known if this new character will join Miami permanently.

Head over to TV Guide's Ask Ausiello column to read the original report.

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