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'Sex & Taxes,' 'Crime' & '4x4' Details

By Christian
April 11, 2005 - 1:27 PM

For the first time in weeks, CBS will be airing a full complement of three new CSI episodes this week.

First up is tonight's CSI: Miami episode, "Sex and Taxes," for which you can tune in at 10:00pm. Below is the official plot description released by the network:

An IRS agent is killed while trying to repossess a delinquent taxpayer's yacht soon after the CSIs discover a second IRS agent shot to death. Now, just when everyone has a reason to detest the IRS, Horatio must find who is behind what could possibly be a series of murders right before tax day

"Sex and Taxes," which was originally known as "Death and Taxes," was directed by Scott Shiffman, normally a producer of CSI: Miami, who's making his directorial debut with this episode. Writing duties were shared between Ildy Modrovich ("Legal," "After the Fall," "Identity") and Brian Davidson ("Invasion").

Below is a list of the "Sex and Taxes" guest stars:

  • Randy J. Goodwin as James Whitney
  • Chad Williams as Kevin Renfro
  • Sandrine Holt as Melissa Boone
  • Rex Linn as Det. Frank Tripp
  • David May as Simon Bremmer
  • Mark Deklin as Russell Edge
  • Andrea Roth as Molly Edge
  • Tim Guinee as Carl Dawson
  • Hunter Allen as Timothy Dawson
  • Zac Efron as Seth Dawson
  • Willie Garson as Ian Sutter

Besides semi-regular Rex Linn, four of the above actors previously appeared on CSI, all during the original series' fourth season. Randy Goodwin was Myles Rueben in "Grissom Versus The Volcano," while Chad Williams played Tim Coleman in "Dead Ringer." Andrea Roth had a minor recurring role as an unnamed female officer in three episodes, and finally Willie Garson played Bud Simmons (the "Sexy Kitty") in the infamous "Fur and Loathing."

Two days later, CBS will be showing the CSI: New York episode "Crime and Misdemeanor" at 9:00pm. The network describes the episode as follows:

When the body of a young woman is discovered at a laundry facility, the bed sheets she is wrapped in lead Mac and Stella back to an upscale New York hotel that houses diplomats from around the world when the United Nations is in special session. Meanwhile, Danny and Aiden investigate the death of a homeless man found dressed as a human statue. By all accounts, the prank is deemed a misdemeanor, but Danny decides to delve further and his refusal to stop the investigation puts him at odds with Mac.

"Crime and Misdemeanor" director Rob Bailey this season also helmed "American Dreamers" and "Outside Man." The writers, Eli Talbert and Andrew Lipsitz, previously cooperated on "Tri-Borough," and individually worked on "American Dreamers" and "Blood, Sweat & Tears" (Talbert), and "A Man A Mile" and "Three Generations Are Enough" (Lipsitz). There is some confusion over the name of this episode, which on the official CBS site is listed as "Crimes and Misdemeanors," but in most other publicity materials is referred to in the singual version.

The following actors will be making a guest appearance on "Crime and Misdemeanor:"

  • Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons
  • Chad Lindberg as Chad Willingham
  • Kevin Alejandro as Tom Martin
  • Andre Kristoff as Tony Garcia
  • Silas Weir Mitchell as David Scott
  • Larry Gillard Jr. as Officer Omar Lilly
  • Leia Thompson as Paula Reed
  • April Bowlby as Jenny Lee
  • George Haycraft as Beat Boxer
  • Dominic Fumusa as Robert Costa

Walger and Lindberg both have recurring roles on New York, and in addition to them, three other actors have previously worked for the CSI franchise before. Silas Weir Mitchell played Ralph Durst on Miami's "Stalkerazzi." Andre Kristoff and April Bowlby are interesting, as for both actors their previous CSI role marks their only other credited film or television role besides this New York episode - Kristoff was Officer Vinson in Miami's "Innocent," while Bowlby played Kaitlin Rackish in this year's original CSI episode "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?"

Finally, on Thursday at 9:00pm CBS is scheduled to air "4x4," a uniquely structured installment of the original CSI. This is what you can expect from the episode:

A wild day in Las Vegas has the CSIs simultaneously investigating four fatalities. Catherine and Warrick look into the death of an auto convention model found murdered in a camper on display, as Nick examines the death of a boy found beaten and burned on a bus bench outside a mini-mall. Across town, the investigation into a car accident leads Grissom to suspect the driver was aiming at his victim, and Greg and Sara discover that toxic mold has eaten away at a body builder from the inside out.

As seems appropriate for this story, "4x4" has four writers: Sarah Goldfinger and Naren Shankar, who are credited with the episode's story, and Dustin Lee Abraham and David Rambo, who are listed as having written the teleplay. However, it seems likely that each of these writers simply wrote one of the four segments, and then decided to split up the credits in this way, as WGA regulations don't allow for more than two writers to be awarded "Story By" or "Teleplay By" credit. The episode was directed by Terrence O'Hara, a CSI newcomer - he has previously worked on shows such as Navy NCIS, Smallville and JAG.

"4x4," as is usual for the original CSI, has a massive amount of guest stars:

  • David Berman as David Phillips
  • Wallace Langham as Hodges
  • Romy Rosemont as Jacqui Franco
  • Jose Zuniga as Detective Cavaliere
  • Joseph Patrick Kelly as Officer Metcalf
  • Michael P. Byrne as Kyle Shaw
  • Patricia Bethune as Wilma Shaw
  • Chauncey Leopardi as Lawrence Lafontaine
  • Scottie Epstein as Vernon Miller
  • Raymond Ma as Sammy
  • Reni Santoni as Frank Mejia
  • Victoria Reiniger as Judy Tremont
  • Robert Cicchini as Steve Dasilva
  • Alex Carter as Detective Vartan
  • Laurie Fetter as Lisa Schumacher
  • Neil Hopkins as Donny Drummer
  • Cerina Vincent as Suzy Underwood
  • Lauren C. Mayhew as Candace Underwood
  • Jonny Miller as Paul Charles
  • J. Marvin Campbell as Hazmat Tech
  • Joy Leslie Hadnott as Tiffany
  • Debra Wilson as Divine
  • Clement Blake as Chester
  • Dyllan Christopher as Chase Fernandez
  • Mandy Musgrave as Jackie
  • Eric Parker as College Boy
  • Elizabeth Storm as Mrs. Jones
  • Shane Haboucha as Andy Jones
  • Pat Healy as Jared Obstfeld

Berman, Langham, Rosemont, Zuniga, Kelly, Reiniger and Carter all reprise their previously-established roles. In addition, the above guest cast list contains several other CSI alumni, although not nearly as many as you'd think, considering the amount of guest stars. Patricia Bethune previously played a teacher on the third-season episode "Lady Heather's Box," while Pat Heaty was Keith Sewell in the first-season Miami episode "Bunk." In addition, J. Marvin Campbell and Debra Wilson both appeared once before on the original CSI, playing the same characters as in "4x4" - Campbell way back in the second-season episode "Anatomy of a Lye," and Wilson last year in "Getting Off."

In addition to these three new episodes, on Saturday at 9:00pm CBS will be airing a special repeat of the third-season CSI finale "Inside The Box." This episode makes things personal for the CSIs, as it explores the intersection of the investigators' work and their personal lives. Three masked bandits steal a safe-deposit box from a Las Vegas bank in a daring daytime heist, during which Det. Lockwood is killed. Lockwood's death provides Grissom and his crew with added incentive to find the murderous culprits. But the case really hits home for Catherine when the evidence leads to casino owner Sam Braun, who is like a father to her. Also, Grissom's hearing gets progressively worse and he seeks out Dr. Robbins for help.

The original press releases for all these episodes can be found at the Futon Critic.

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