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By Christian
February 6, 2005 - 11:22 AM

After kicking off the February sweeps this past Thursday with "Nesting Dolls," CBS will continue its quest to win high ratings by airing new episodes of all three CSI shows - and is throwing in two reruns of the original CSI to boot!

First up on Monday at 10:00pm, CBS will be airing CSI: Miami's 14th episode of the season, "One Night Stand." Here's now the network describes the episode:

The CSIs uncover a complex counterfeiting operation after a bell boy is found murdered at one of Miami's hottest hotels. The luggage that the deceased bellboy had been loading, as well as a heist of a special paper that money is printed on, leads the CSIs to uncover a complex counterfeiting operation. It's cruise season in Miami, which means that the population of Miami swells, giving the team even more suspects to the murder. Meanwhile, Calleigh must investigate when a woman goes missing, and is later found dead, after she and her husband attend a hot and flirty "friction" party.

"One Night Stand" was directed by Greg Yaitanes, an experienced TV director whose biggest project so far has been the Sci-Fi Channel mini-series Children of Dune, and who for the CSI franchise has already helmed episodes such as Miami's "A Horrible Mind" and New York's "Tri-Borough." Two writers were responsible for this episode: Michael Ostrowski, who this season alone has already worked on episodes such as "Legal" and "Pirated," and John Haynes, forensic consultant for the show, who this year also worked on "Pro Per".

Below is a list of the "One Night Stand" guest actors:

  • Joshua Dov as Todd Boyce
  • Brooke Bloom as Cynthia Wells
  • Michael B. Silver as Peter Elliott
  • Ed Kerr as Tom Hanford
  • Rex Linn as Det. Frank Tripp
  • Jennifer Ann Massey as Erica Hanford
  • Jose Pablo Cantillo as Juan Fernandez
  • Boti Bliss as Valera
  • Laura McLauchlin as Melody Simms
  • Bru Muller as Mr. Simms
  • Taso Papadakis as Felix
  • Douglas Bennett as Damon Barker
  • Don Franklin as Bart Jameson
  • Kimberly Kevon Williams as Kelly Jameson
  • Wiley Pickett as Gary Milbanks
  • Michael Trucco as Mitch Lockhart
  • Laurie Fortier as Halle Lockhart
  • Leslie Odom Jr. as Joseph Kayle
  • John Pyper-Ferguson as Eddie Michaelson
  • Adam Grimes as Billy
  • Tony Colitti as Officer Anslow

Almost half of these actors have already made previous appearances on the CSI series. Brooke Bloom, Rex Linn, Boti Bliss and Leslie Odom Jr. all have regularly recurring roles on CSI: Miami. Michael B. Silver's character Peter Elliott also isn't completely new to the show - he has previously played him in the second-season episode "Money for Nothing." In addition, he also played a prosecutor in the third-season episode "The Accused is Entitled" of the regular CSI.

Douglas Bennett previously played a stranded motorist in the original CSI's "Anonymous," way back in the first season, while Wiley Pickett was Christian Cutler in the third-season CSI episode "Precious Metal." That same season, Michael Truco played Fred Dacks in "High and Low," and Laurie Fortier took on the role of Janine Wood in "Let the Seller Beware." Finally, John Pyper-Ferguson played the role of the husband in the very first CSI episode ever, the "Pilot" of the original show.

On Wednesday at 10:00pm, CSI: New York will be returning from the short hiatus forced upon it by Bush's State of the Union speech, by airing the new episode "Blood, Sweat & Tears." This is what you can expect from the episode:

When a 16-year-old contortionist is found dead and stuffed into a small box washed ashore on a Coney Island beach, Mac and Stella question the victim’s family and their rivals -- trapeze artists who compete for attention as the circus’ main act. Meanwhile, a large pool of blood in a New York apartment leads Danny and Det. Flack to a dead woman disposed of in the building’s trash chute.

"Blood, Sweat & Tears" marks the CSI: New York directorial debut of Scott Lautanen , although he has previously directed several episodes of CSI: Miami. In December, Lautanen already discussed the difficulties he had dealing with the elephants in this episode (story). The episode was co-written by Eli Talbert, a former original CSI writer who for New York already penned "American Dreamers" and "Tri-Borough," and Erica Shelton, who appears to be making her debut as a professional screenwriter with this episode.

The following actors make guest appearances in "Blood, Sweat & Tears:"

  • Jim Pirri as Bernardo Espargosa
  • Katie Chonacas as Anasuya Espargosa
  • Mark Ivanir as Maxwell Neiman
  • Daniel Browning Smith as Lukas Neiman
  • Michael Maize as Jake Lydell
  • Anthony Crivello as Ringmaster
  • Michael Cornacchia as Rosie
  • Sarah Lafleur as Paige Worthy
  • Kendra Sue Waldman as Lita Cartey
  • Victor Browne as Jason Cartey
  • Brian Tahash as Clown Judge
  • Hugh Scott as Eric Slovenski
  • Chris Kohn as Gator
  • Perry L. Brown as Grady
  • Kevin Bickford as Clown #2
  • Matthew Love as Clown #3
  • BeeJay Joyer as Juggler #1
  • Olga Karavaeva as Juggler #2
  • Ted Shred as Fire Eater
  • Darlene Williams as Elephant Rider

Of all these actors, only one has previously appeared on CSI: New York: Darlene Williams, who is a regular stunt performer on the series. For many of the other guest actors, "Blood, Sweat & Tears" is one of their first credited roles on a television series, as they are not regular dramatic actors, but rather performers who come straight out of the circus community. Many of them have made a career out of doing specific stunts for film and television: Daniel Browning Smith, for instance, is advertising himself as "the world's most flexible man" on his web site, Katie Chonacas was a finalist on ABC's Dance Fever, and Ted Shred is the owner of the Vamphear Circus, and has previously breathed fire for films such as Charlie's Angels.

On Thursday at 9:00pm, things will be getting "Unbearable" in this 14th instalment of the original CSI's fifth season. This is what the network is promising for the episode:

When a Kodiak bear is found dead with its gall bladder carefully removed and the hunter lying dead nearby, the evidence suggests another person was involved in the murders. Meanwhile, a young wife/mother is found dead after a night out with girlfriends, and the evidence suggests foul play from her seemingly perfect husband.

Ken Fink direct this episode, already his third this season following "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?" and "Who Shot Sherlock?" For writing duties, CSI has brought out two of the big guns: showrunner Carol Mendelsohn, who this season also worked on "Swap Meet" and "Mea Culpa," and co-executive producer Josh Berman, who also worked on "Mea Culpa," as well as "Crow's Feet."
  • David Berman as David Phillips
  • Louise Lombard as Sofia Curtis
  • Wallace Langham as David Hodges
  • Eric Stonestreet as Ronnie Litre
  • Gerald McCullouch as Bobby Dawson
  • Joseph Patrick Kelly as Officer Metcalf
  • Brad Rowe as Mark Kyman
  • Sara Foster as Amy Maynard
  • Deanna Russo as Lori Kyman
  • Forbes March as Brad Himmel
  • Jane Lynch as Ranger
  • Lolita Davidovich as Diane Dunn
  • Jon Wellner as Sam Tracy
  • Veanne Cox as Faith Hollis
  • Greg Pitts as Valet
  • Michael Raymond James as Aaron Colite
  • Meredith Scott Lynn as Carol Allred
  • Palmer Davis as Margaret Finn

David Berman, Louise Lombard, Wallace Langham, Eric Stonestreet, Gerald McCullough, Joseph Patrick Kelly and Palmer Davis are all reprising their previously-established roles. None of the other actors have ever appeared on any of the CSI shows.

In addition to these three new episodes, CBS will also be airing two special repeats of the original CSI. On Thursday at 8:00pm, an hour before "Unbearable," they'll be rerunning this season's "Formalities," in which Conrad Ecklie is appointed to Assistant Director of the Crime Lab, and Sofia Curtis makes her first appearance on the show. And then on Saturday at 9:00pm, the fourth-season "Getting Off" will air in the Crime Time Saturday slot. In this episode, a well-dressed man driving an expensive car is murdered in a drug-infested neighborhood, but robbery apparently was not a motive; a dead clown is discovered stuffed inside of a huge truck tire at an auto junkyard; and Grissom learns some surprising news about Dr. Robbins.

The original press releases for all these episodes can be found at the Futon Critic.

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