27 Million Watch 'Assume Nothing'

By Caillan
October 1, 2003 - 11:18 AM

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The premiere of Friends' final season couldn't stop CSI: Crime Scene Investigation becoming the most-watched television show last week.

26.9 million viewers tuned into the season premiere, "Assume Nothing", according to SFGate.com. NBC's popular sitcom Friends ranked second, with 24.5 million viewers.

CSI's fourth season debut scored a final rating of 17.2/26, down from last season's premiere, which nabbed a 18.2/27, attracting 30.5 million viewers. But "Assume Nothing" still improved on the numbers from season three's finale "Inside The Box", which was watched by 23.9 million people.

CSI: Miami was also one of the most popular television dramas last week, with "Blood Brothers" taking the 10th spot on the ratings ladder. With a final rating of 11.9/19, 17.4 million viewers tuned into the season premiere.

Although slightly above last season's average viewership of 16.55 million, the Miami premiere attracted almost six million fewer viewers than its debut episode, "Golden Parachute", one year ago. Numbers were also down on the first-season finale, "Body Count", watched by 19.3 million.

However, according to a CNN report, ratings for returning television series were down across the board. Friends' audience dropped by 28 percent, while NYPD Blue and ER were watched by 22 and 13 percent fewer viewers, respectively.

The original ratings report can be found here at SFGate.com.

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