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Catherine Takes Centre Stage In 'CSI's' Final Three

By Caillan
May 1, 2003 - 11:10 AM

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The next two weeks of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will lead up to a "stunning" revelation about Catherine Willows in the season finale, "Inside The Box".

TV Guide reported tonight's episode, "Forever", will introduce a storyline concerning Marg Helgenberger's character which will continue for the rest of the season. Apparently Catherine's personal life will take its toll on her work at the crime lab, which will have drastic ramifications in "Play With Fire".

In that episode, set to air May 8, the Las Vegas crime lab is rocked by an explosion, which injures Greg and Sara. Under orders from the assistant director to find out what happened, Grissom puts Catherine in charge of the investigation. There will reportedly be a "surprising development" concerning Catherine in the aftermath of the explosion.

A week later, May 15's third-season finale, "Inside The Box", will provide a "showcase" for Catherine Willows, according to TV Guide. "A shocking personal detail comes to the surface while she investigates a bizarre bank robbery that resulted in a detective's death."

Reviewer Tim Holland, while commenting he prefers CSI when it concentrates on the crimes rather than the characters, said the "tidbits about Catherine that are revealed over the final three episodes are interesting and serve the series well".

He added, "fans won't be able to get enough of the original [CSI] the next three weeks as the engrossing series demonstrates once again why it is the top-rated program on television".

The full article, which also looks at the storylines in tonight's episode, can be found here at TV Guide. For further spoilers about upcoming instalments, check out the CSI Files episode guide.

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