Fade Out

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Series: 'CSI: Miami'
Episode Title: 'Fade Out'
Episode Number: 0414
Synopsis: "The CSIs must investigate when a series of murders have an eerie similarity to an unproduced screenplay. Evidence shows that a series of murders at Miami's hottest clubs are linked to organized crime, but also leads Horatio and the team to a pair of Miami film students whose screenplay mirrors the details of the crimes. Now, the CSIs must track down anyone who had read their fictional script and wanted to turn it into a deadly reality. Meanwhile, Ryan's eyesight worsens and jeopardizes his future with the crime lab."

Original Airdate: January 30, 2006
Rerun: May 28, 2007


Written By: Corey Miller
Directed By: Scott Lautanen

Guest Stars:


  • When a club owner is killed and his murder eerily resembles the main plot of a screen play, Horatio and the team must figure out the ending of the story before it's written and possibly executed. (January 17, 2006 - CSI Files)


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Total Votes: 182

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