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Under the Influence

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Series: 'CSI: Miami'
Episode Title: 'Under the Influence'
Episode Number: 0303
Synopsis: "A woman is killed when she is pushed in front of a bus. Later, a man's body is discovered down an elevator shaft in a nearby building, and there is evidence to link the victims to a common killer. Back at the lab, Calleigh's dad informs her that he may have accidentally killed someone while drinking and driving; and Horatio puts Speedle's replacement on the case."

Original Airdate: October 04, 2004
Rerun: June 27, 2005


Written By: Marc Dube & Corey Miller
Directed By: Scott Lautanen

Guest Stars:


  • A woman reportedly plunges into the path of an oncoming train. (August 18, 2004 - CSI Files)

  • Jonathan Togo: "I play Ryan Wolfe. He is a patrolman who becomes a CSI. He has a background in science, so it interests him to join the group and behooves his personality to become part of an elite, crime-fighting unit." (October 02, 2004 - CSI Files)

  • This episode had its first regularly scheduled repeat on the 27th of December, 2004.


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