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Cool Change

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Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Cool Change'
Episode Number: 0102
Synopsis: "In the aftermath of the Gribbs shooting, Brass is sent back to homicide. Grissom is made head of the CSI unit. He brings in Sara Sidel from San Francisco to investigate the shooting. This irritates Catherine who wants to solve the case. Warrick, on suspension, learns he has a debt to the judge. Grissom and Nick take the case of a man who kills himself hours after winning a casino jackpot."

Original Airdate: October 13, 2000
Rerun: September 19, 2004


Written By: Anthony E. Zuiker
Directed By: Michael Watkins

Guest Stars:


  • This was the first episode featuring Jorja Fox.

  • This episode was dedicated to the memory of production assistant Owen Wolf (1971-2000).



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