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Check Out More ‘NCIS:NOLA’ Interviews, Tweets & Photos

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As CSI Files previously reported, NCIS: New Orleans kicks off its third season next Tuesday, September 20 at 10:00pm ET/PT. Executive Producer Brad Kern spoke to Yahoo about the new season, including this excerpt:

A guest star that will surprise you is… Vanessa Ferlito will join the show as a series regular and play a FBI agent sent down from D.C. to both review and work with Pride’s NCIS team. In the second episode, Tom Arnold will guest star as a friend from Pride’s past who can’t help but cause Pride problems whenever he reappears.

Shalita Grant (Sonja Percy) also offered a few comments about season three during this KTLA interview last month:

Ferlito spoke to TV Guide about her character, FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, whom she described as “pretty bad ass” but with a “vulnerable side”. Here’s an excerpt:

Her weakness is this burden she carries from her past. It’s really bad. She feels responsible that many people suffered as a result of something she was involved with. She doesn’t trust anybody because of what happened. She’s a wonderful agent but when she comes to New Orleans it opens old wounds and she has to face it and get closure. She doesn’t find it anytime soon — it’s going to drag out a little bit.

Next, check out this interview with Scott Bakula (Dwayne Pride) from Entertainment Tonight:

Daryl Mitchell (Patton Plame) recently did an interview with New Mobility, and you can read the full article here. Here’s an excerpt relating to NCIS: NOLA:

When they called me to come to NCIS: New Orleans, brother, I came into that stage like I was the chief, the man in command. I run this whole opperation: ‘Man, he comes in here like he runs the place!’ The open-plan set is such that he can move around freely in the chair he dubs ‘The Triple P Mobile.’

They loved the energy. This is what they wanted. When I show up, they know it’s going to be a party!

CSI Files previously posted about several NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles stars participating in the “22 Push-Up Challenge”. Lucas Black (Christopher LaSalle) posted his response to the challenge several weeks ago:

Here’s the First Look link for the season three premiere:

Finally, check out these tweets and photos from the past month, followed by several videos:

Scouting air base and plane today. #redfilter #penf #olympus #olympus50mm18 #NCISNO

A photo posted by Gordon C Lonsdale ASC (@gclons) on

We're either shooting an episode of NCIS New Orleans or the climax of a Ninja Turtle movie.

A photo posted by @robkerkovich on

Shooting on the bayou #greenfilter #olympus #penf #olympus50mm18

A photo posted by Gordon C Lonsdale ASC (@gclons) on

NCIS: New Orleans delivered 11,200 water bottles to the people of Albany & Livingston #SouthLouisianaFloods #MoretoCome

A photo posted by NCIS: New Orleans (@ncisnola) on

Nothing like fake blood to make you feel fake tough. #ncisnola

A photo posted by @robkerkovich on

Filming with the Navy #penf #olympus #50mm18 #redfilter #pola

A photo posted by Gordon C Lonsdale ASC (@gclons) on

Day at work #ncisnola

A photo posted by Gordon C Lonsdale ASC (@gclons) on

Rob Turner on the NCIS NO set. #ncisnola #5DMKIV #40mm28 #portrait #canon5d #b&w

A photo posted by Gordon C Lonsdale ASC (@gclons) on

On the set with Greenlea photo by @vanessaferlito

A photo posted by Gordon C Lonsdale ASC (@gclons) on

Director Rob Greenlea #5DMKIV #canon5d #40mm28 #portrait #b&tw

A photo posted by Gordon C Lonsdale ASC (@gclons) on

On the set between takes NCIS NO #5DMKIV #40mm28 #canon5d #ncisnola

A photo posted by Gordon C Lonsdale ASC (@gclons) on

And here are the videos:

@ncisnola @cbstv #ncisnola #neworleans #vanessaferlito #scottbakula

A video posted by Vanessa Ferlito (@vanessaferlito) on

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