July 16 2024

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Check Out More ‘NCIS:NOLA’ Videos, Tweets & Photos

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Here’s a story from WIAT42 about how the cast of NCIS: New Orleans is helping with relief efforts following devastating floods in Louisiana, including comments from Lucas Black (Christopher LaSalle) and newcomer Vanessa Ferlito (FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio):

And here’s a Twitter message from Black:

Next, take a look at these (previously-filmed) videos from GoNOLA, in which Scott Bakula (Dwayne Pride), Rob Kerkovich (Sebastian Lund), Daryl Mitchell (Patton Plame) and CCH Pounder (Dr Loretta Wade) share their favorite things about New Orleans:

Bakula challenged upcoming guest star Mario Lopez to do the “22 Push-Up Challenge”, and here is the video along with two tweet responses from Bakula:

Finally, check out this collection of tweets and photos from the past three weeks, followed by several videos:

#ncisnola #ncis #frenchquarter #teamlg #neworleans #nola #ginjavision #ginja #makeupartist #setlife

A photo posted by Courtno (@courtney_lether) on

Hello # NOLA #neworleans psyched to here directing @NCISNewOrleans #CBS #Naawleans

A photo posted by Rob Morrow (@officialrobmorrow) on

From the catwalk high above the @SmoothieCenter scouting locations to direct @ncis_neworleans @cbs #nola #lovingmyjob

A photo posted by Rob Morrow (@officialrobmorrow) on

The #ncisnola production office is keeping people honest.

A photo posted by @robkerkovich on

Ms. @debbonayer w/ #scottbakula guest starring on #NCIS word is, she slept w/the director @ncisnola @CBS #nola

A photo posted by Rob Morrow (@officialrobmorrow) on

My name is Darth Vader. I come from the planet Vulcan!

A photo posted by @robkerkovich on

Squad #ncisnola #mariolopez #shalitagrant #lucasblack #vanessaferito @ncisnola

A photo posted by Vanessa Ferlito (@vanessaferlito) on

#ncisneworleans #bontonroulet #happy

A photo posted by Debbon Ayer (@debbonayer) on

The press celebrate season 3 in Pride's bar as @scottbakula talks with @jamiebyrd7 for @wiat42 #NCISNOLA

A photo posted by NCIS: New Orleans (@ncisnola) on

Press on set for Season 3 @ncisnola #nola #ncisneworleans #cbs

A photo posted by @jayds321 on

Lucas Black from NCIS New Orleans discusses relief efforts for flood victims of Baton Rouge. @wiat #ncisneworleans

A photo posted by Jamie Langley (@jamiebyrd7) on

Last interview of the day on the set of @ncisnola #ncisneworleans #cbs #nola #jds

A photo posted by @jayds321 on

@wgno chats with @shalitagrant about #NCISNOLA season 3 & the season finale hug between Percy & Lasalle

A photo posted by NCIS: New Orleans (@ncisnola) on

Great to have had @mariolopezextra on set yesterday #ncisnola

A photo posted by Scott Bakula (@scottbakula) on

We're behind the scenes of #ncisneworleans. Find out how the cast and crew are giving back at 6. @wiat42

A photo posted by Jamie Langley (@jamiebyrd7) on

And here are the videos:

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