‘Criminal Minds’ Starts Filming On Monday


Two weeks ago, Criminal Minds’ Executive Producer Erica Messer spoke to TV Guide about how Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) would continue to deal with the departure of Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) during season 12, especially with the new addition of Adam Rodriguez’s character to the team. Here’s a quote:

We will [touch on it] because again it’s real. You don’t just get over losing your best friend at work. That is something that changes your day. You adapt and you move on, and life goes on. It’s not like he’s lost him from his life forever; he can always call Morgan. I don’t know how much we’ll play it actively, but I think it’s one more layer that all of them can tap into as we move into Season 12.

The Minds writers went back to work last month. The cast and crew had their first table read on Friday, and the season 12 premiere starts filming on Monday. Here’s a collection of tweets and photos from the past four weeks:

BIG BIG shopping day!!! Here we go again #Criminal Minds #stylishactors#always

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