Watch Clips From Tonight’s ‘CM:BB’, Plus ‘Criminal Minds’ Info


Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders have new episodes on the schedule tonight. You can find CM: BB sneak peeks below, along with interviews, tweets and photos!

Criminal Minds will air “A Beautiful Disaster” at 9:00pm ET/PT, but there are no sneak peeks available. Here’s the episode preview:

Series star Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia) co-wrote “A Beautiful Disaster” with Executive Producer Erica Messer, which marks their second time working together to pen an episode of “Criminal Minds”. They previously co-wrote season ten’s “Nelson’s Sparrow”. Vangsness spoke to TV Line about tonight’s episode, which was directed by her co-star Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr Spencer Reid). Here’s an excerpt:

TVLINE | How long ago did you learn that you’d be picking up this Derek/Savannah cliffhanger?

I knew that I had in my contract that I could co-write an episode this season. Erica was like, “You can do the second [episode], or you could do 18 with me, which is going to be a big one.” Last year I did the one where we cleared up the mystery of [Gideon’s old case], and those are fun for me because I love going into the backstory. I’m not a big fan at all of dead people and violence, which is hilarious, but we managed to limit the casualties considerably.

TVLINE | And yet that’s Mr. Gubler’s forte as a director, the really unsettling, disturbing imagery. Did this episode not quite lend itself to that?

Yes, he is, and no, it’s definitely got the Gubler spin on it. It’s definitely got it with our bad guy, played by Lance Henriksen (Millennium), whom I love him so much. We knew we wanted him and he was so great. Then Matthew was like, “What about glaucoma?” All of us were like, “Sorry, what?” He said, “I want to get a contact for his eye so he looks really extra creepy.” It is low on gore, heavy on creep.

Here’s an interview with Vangsness from Hollywood Today Live, including a few comments about tonight’s episode:

Vangsness also spoke to KCAL 9, and here’s the interview:

Parade spoke to Vangsness as well, including this quote:

One of the funnest things of writing this episode is that when something happens to someone on the team, everybody’s thrown. So everybody’s adrenaline is going, and everybody’s not in their regular calm, expanded, creative mind to be able to solve problems. Everybody’s little demons come out because everybody’s scared. That makes for really good drama because people make mistakes, and people say things that they shouldn’t.

Finally, check out the First Look link below, followed by tweets and photos:

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on


A photo posted by official matthew gray gubler (@gublergram) on

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on

i'm having such a blast directing the legendary lance henriksen in CM episode 1118 #aBeautifulDisaster

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An UnSub targets the BAU & the team works 2 find out who is responsible @CrimMinds_CBS tonight 9/8c

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Check out the first sneak peek from the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders episode “Harvested” below, featuring Jack Garrett (Gary Sinise), Russ “Monty” Montgomery (Tyler James Williams), Clara Seger (Alana De La Garza), Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney) and Mae Jarvis (Annie Funke). (You can also find it on and CBS Press Express.)

CBS also shared an exclusive clip on the official website, which you can watch here. It features Jack, Matt, Mae, Clara and guest star Hari Dhillon (Agent Deepak Singh).

And here’s a scene from TV Guide, which features Agent Singh, Garrett, Mae, Matt, Clara and Monty:

Next, check out the CTV promo for “Harvested”:

Finally, here is the First Look link, followed by tweets and photos:

Times Square NYC. How cool is that! Tonight's the night everyone!! We're in Mumbai!!! Tune in at 10pm on CBS #cmbb #criminalmindsbeyondborders #CBS

A photo posted by Daniel Henney (다니엘 헤니) (@danielhenneyofficial) on

The IRT heads 2 Mumbai when one American goes missing & another is missing a kidney! #CMBB 2nite 10/9c

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