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The upcoming series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will premiere on Wednesday, March 16 at 10:00pm ET/PT. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from CBS, featuring Gary Sinise (Jack Garrett), Executive Producer Erica Messer, Tyler James Williams (Russ “Monty” Montgomery), Annie Funke (Mae Jarvis), Alana De La Garza (Clara Seger) and Daniel Henney (Matthew Simmons):

Next, check out this video about Sinise’s return to CBS, following his nine-season run as Mac Taylor on CSI: New York:

And here’s a “First Look” video for the show:

Also check out this short promo video from Twitter:

Messer, Sinise, Henney, Williams, Funke and Executive Producer Mark Gordon attended the Television Critics Association winter press tour last month to talk about Beyond Borders. “Crime can happen anywhere, criminals are everywhere,” Messer said, as quoted by TV Line. “[This show] might make you think twice in the way that you travel, but we certainly don’t want to scare anyone away from going anywhere in the world, because it is still a beautiful place out there.”

Deadline’s report on the TCA panel revealed several upcoming storylines. The first episode revolves around young women who travel to Thailand to volunteer on farms; another involves a family trip to Mexico, during which the wife dies and the husband becomes the main suspect; and there’s an episode featuring the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, which is also known as the Suicide Forest. Here’s a quote about that particular storyline, from Messer:

We didn’t know there was a movie coming out at the same time. You learn about the Japanese culture through that episode. Suicide is a real thing there and people do go to that forest to kill themselves. At least three Americans die there every year, but what happens in our episode is that three people die in a week.

TV Guide posted this quote from Messer about premise of Beyond Borders:

When we did the research and found that 68 million Americans leave the United States every year, our brains just starting ticking. There is crime that happens to those Americans, and wouldn’t it be amazing if there are FBI heroes who could come save them? I also think when we watch the news and we see international cases involving any Americans, we tend to lean forward and say, ‘How did that happen to them?’ ‘That could’ve been me. Or my neighbor who travels. Or my brother or sister or loved ones.’ We wanted to keep the relatability that Criminal Minds does so well and bring that to this series as well.

Here’s a collection of tweets relating to the TCAs, including several photos:

Finally, check out these miscellaneous tweets and photos, which offer a glimpse at the final few weeks of filming for Beyond Borders season one:

Location scouting around LA. #director #tenyeartown #directing

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More location shots. #director #directing #tenyeartown

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Enjoyed shooting at Universal Studios Hollywood yesterday. Felt like a kid again…so grateful to have such an amazing job!!! #CMBB #criminalmindsbeyondborders

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We need a bigger monitor! #cmbeyondborders #eltorobravo

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Director Time out! #cmbeyondborders #eltorobravo

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It's "Alexa-fying". #setlife #alexa #arri #camera #set #filmmaking #cinematography #arrialexa #tv #production #shoot

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#craftservice #eltorobravo #cmbeyondborders

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Livin' the dream. #cmbeyondborders

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Saying GOODBYE to our favorite disco ball! @e4meredith @carloslealartist #cmbeyondborders #eltorobravo

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