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Criminal Minds is airing a new episode tonight at 9:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the first sneak peek from “The Bond”, featuring Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), JJ Jareau (AJ Cook), Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Dr Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) and David Rossi (Joe Mantegna). (It can also be found on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

Scene number two features Reid, Hotch, Rossi, Dr Lewis, Morgan and JJ. (You can also find it on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and Zap2It.)

Here’s clip number three, which features Rossi and JJ. (It’s also available on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

Sneak peek number four features Derek, Garcia and Dr Lewis. (You can also watch it on CBS.com, CBS Press Express, SpoilerTV and Zap2It.)

Actress Sal Neslusan has a guest role in “The Bond”, playing a woman named Chloe Andrews. She told Telegram.com that her character is in a relationship, but she “doesn’t know he has a real dark secret.”

Finally, here’s a collection of tweets and photos, including some shared during filming:

Episode 1113. Scary.

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