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Kelly Osbourne Visits ‘CSI:Cyber’, Plus News, Tweets & Photos

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Kelly Osbourne & the CSI: Cyber cast

Kelly Osbourne & the CSI: Cyber cast

According to TV Line, Kelly Osbourne will appear in an upcoming episode of CSI: Cyber, which is scheduled to air in early 2016. She will play a hacker named Stella Kaine, aka “The Angel of Digital Death”:

Her weapon is a computer — her murders strictly electronic — but the victims suffer real world consequences with death certificates filed, bank accounts drained and credit cards cancelled.

And here’s a tweet from Osbourne:

The episode of CSI: Cyber that was preempted last Sunday, November 29, “iWitness”, has been rescheduled to air next Sunday, December 13. (As CSI Files previously reported, Cyber is not airing tonight.) Here’s a tweet confirming the air date:

TV Line shared this question and answer last month:

Can you hack into CBS and cobble together any scoop on CSI: Cyber’s Ryan and Russell? – Francis

I plugged an exploit into the DSL socket, ran a ghost worm and this is what I came up with: As Avery gets reacquainted with her ex-husband and DB enjoys an unexpected first encounter with a very attractive woman, the two “will each encourage the other to go with their instincts,” exec producer Pam Veasey shares.

Ted Danson (DB Russell) was on The Late Late Show last Tuesday. You can watch the full episode here, or check out two clips below with fellow guest Krysten Ritter:

James Van Der Beek (Elijah Mundo) also visited The Late Late Show recently. The full episode can be watched here, or check out these clips featuring Van Der Beek alongside fellow guests Chrissy Teigen and Jay Duplass:

Here’s a look at some music featured in the last new episode, “Python”:

Finally, check out these tweets and photos from the past two weeks:

On the set of @csicyber doing what i do best! 1 of my many hustles im proud to be apart of!

A photo posted by Bow wow (@shadmoss) on

First day back to #csicyber after Thanksgiving! Hello Downtown LA

A photo posted by Charley Koontz (@charley_koontz) on

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