Watch A Promo For ‘CSI:Cyber’ Season 2, Plus Interviews, Tweets & Photos


The first preview for CSI: Cyber’s second season is now available, and you can watch it below:

During the TCAs last month, James Van Der Beek (Elijah Mundo) spoke to Access Hollywood about season two. Here’s the interview:

Hayley Kiyoko (Raven Ramirez) did an interview with NKD Mag, which you can read here. Check out this excerpt about CSI: Cyber:

It’s fun having a fake FBI badge and pretending you save the world. It’s always challenging, and I feel like I learn a lot. A lot of the episodes are based off of real life, and stuff that happens in the real world, so you really do learn a lot about how technology can affect the world on a very real scale.

Kiyoko also spoke to Audrey Magazine about her music and acting careers, including this quote about Cyber:

It’s more of a grown-up world. I feel like I’ve gotten my big-person job where I go to work, work with the pros and go home. I’m really not technical in real life, and so I had to become this professional techie and research what every term means. It was kind of like studying for an English test.

Finally, check out these 33 tweets and photos, which have been shared over the past two weeks, followed by ten videos:

Pick me up.

A photo posted by H A Y L E Y K I Y O K O (@kiyoko11) on

Happy #NationalDogDay to our favorite makeup assistant Milo! #CSICYBER

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Just a coupla crimefighters. @vanderjames @csicyber @cbstvstudios #CSICyber

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Solving crimes, before dinner time #csicyber #season2 #october4 photo cred: @vonjovey

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And here are the videos:

??? even though im on tv "CSI YALL"

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