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Check Out A Promo For ‘NCIS:NOLA’, Plus News, Tweets & Photos

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CBS shared a preview for the upcoming second season of NCIS: New Orleans, which you can watch below:

TV Guide spoke to Executive Producer Gary Glasberg about what fans can expect in season two, and it involves more character-driven storylines. Dr Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) has to adjust to living with the brothers she took in, Danny (Christopher Meyer) and CJ Malloy (Dani Dare), and consults Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) for parenting advice. Pride himself deals with the finalization of his divorce, and one of the ways he deals with the changes in his life is to purchase a bar. Meanwhile, as CSI Files previously reported, Sonja Percy (Shalita Grant) and Patton Plame (Daryl Mitchell) are a full-time part of the team in season two. Glasberg revealed that Percy’s addition to the team will impact Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black), who is having some trouble due to the events of season one:

Coming off the situation with his brother, coming off the situation where he lost the girlfriend, he’s struggling. Pride has to really be there for him as a mentor and as a brother, and LaSalle will rely heavily on his team members as well, on Brody and this new relationship that’ll form with Sonja.

Last month, the cast and crew filmed scenes for the fourth episode of the season, “I Do”, at the Destrehan Plantation.

Grant did an interview with Fashion & Style, and here’s an excerpt about New Orleans:

What was your favorite scene to film in season 1?

GRANT: I think it was in the first episode that I did… When I was running from Pride and LaSalle. It was my favorite because it was the most action I had done in my career up until that point. Percy runs through a post and scales a fence to jump over a porch and then they catch me. It was really cool because it was sort of the first time the crew and the fellas figured out that I was pretty athletic and, you know, kind of a bada** in my own right. So I got a lot of high fives and kudos on that one.

And it was funny because actually…I don’t think he’d mind me telling you this story… but, Lucas [Black] was like, “I’ll give her a head start”, you know, to the crew. “I’ll give her a head start.” … And by the time he got outside I was already at the fence and he was like, “What the hell?” I made him work. I made him work. And there was a lot of, you know, kudos for that. Because he thought, oh, she’s tiny and I don’t want to embarrass her. And, yeah, he figured it out pretty quickly.

Fashion & Style also posted another interview with Grant, including this tidbit about season two: “I love episode four. There’s a lot of girl power between Percy and Brody.”

Grant did an interview with Hollywood Today Live as well, which you can watch here. She discussed being upgraded to a series regular, and the “explosive” storyline coming up for her character.

And here’s another short interview with Grant, from OK! TV, followed by a BTS clip with the interviewer, Jaymes Vaughan:

Finally, check out these 36 tweets and photos from the cast and crew, which have been shared over the past month:

Today was "bring your dog to your characters work" day ???? #ncisnola #ncisneworleans #neworleans #cutedogs #cutepuppy

A photo posted by Shalita Grant (@shalitagrant) on

Courtyard #selfie #ncisnola #neworleans #workselfie #ncisneworleans

A photo posted by Shalita Grant (@shalitagrant) on

#wordyandnerdy w/ #tinybutmighty #ncisnola #neworleans #ncis #ncisneworleans #costars #work

A photo posted by Shalita Grant (@shalitagrant) on

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