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Watch A Preview For The ‘NCIS’ Premiere; Plus News, Tweets & Photos

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NCIS Season 13

NCIS Season 13

At the end of NCIS’s twelfth season, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) found his life in danger after being shot by Luke (Daniel Zolghadri), a young boy he was trying to protect. Luke was part of the Calling, a terrorist organization recruiting children over the internet. Fans were left wondering about Gibbs’ fate over the hiatus, and it was announced earlier this month that Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) would be coming on board in a recurring role as Dr Cyril Taft, the Navy surgeon tasked with saving Gibbs’ life. His first appearance is in the season 13 premiere, “Stop the Bleeding”, which picks up where the finale left off.

Below, you can find the first 30-second preview for “Stop the Bleeding”, followed by several quotes about the season premiere and the rest of NCIS’s thirteenth season. There are also 30 tweets and photos, which have been shared by the cast and crew over the past two weeks. First, here’s the preview:

Executive Producer Gary Glasberg revealed to TV Guide that Gibbs does survive the shooting, but it won’t be a speedy recovery:

There are definite changes and adjustments to the Gibbs character in this near-death experience that he has. There are physical changes. There are psychological changes. There are changes in his approach to his agent-ing. … It’s tricky.

Glasberg also told TV Guide that his ordeal will put Gibbs at odds with other members of his team, particularly Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly):

Gibbs is in a difficult place, a physically difficult place. … We’re still functioning as a team, but there’s absolutely some conflict. There’s issues that have to get worked out between team members, very specifically between Tony and Gibbs. … It’s tricky, and they’re sensitive to what he’s going through, and they’re trying to be there for him as coworker and as friend and as family member. They’re being ultra-supportive of him.

Earlier this month, several cast members spoke to TV Line about season 13. “I think what we’re going to have this year is a fundamental shift in the show — and that’s a fascinating thing to see,” Weatherly said. “I don’t want to give away too much, but I think the audience will respond with great interest to some of the tonal changes.”

TV Line also posted this question and answer:

Question: What intel can you give us on the upcoming season of NCIS? —Marsha

Ausiello: This much you probably know: With Gibbs having been shot, “The premiere picks up right at that moment, and [guest star] Jon Cryer is coming in to do his darnedest to save Gibbs’ life,” Brian Dietzen shared with Matt Mitovich. But this next bit is probably news to the NCIS faithful: “Jimmy Palmer is some of the glue that keeps the characters together — meaning he’s the confidant, he’s the friend,” Dietzen reminds. “But by the end of the year, his friendships versus his professional obligations are really going to be tested, specifically with DiNozzo. That friendship will be super-tested.”

Weatherly spoke to TV Fanatic, and here’s an excerpt from the interview about season 13:

TVF: What’s the romantic hope for your character this season?

MW: I think that’s the big story point for me this year. I think when we look at Gibbs and how sad he is as a character and he’s essentially living this life where it’s not a total experience. He has no wife, no partner, he’s living with all these ghosts and I get a little tired of it sometimes but the truth is I think what that message is that’s really sent to the audience is that Gibb can’t move on. He’s trapped. So if I have a hope for Tony and the hope between Gibbs and Tony and their relationship it’s that Gibbs sees his hope in Tony. And Tony has been waiting for something and I think for too long so I think this is the year we figure that out.

I think they’re going to blow shit up this season. And I mean like blow up character stuff. I think they’re going to subvert expectation. I don’t think this is another year of here is your standalone episode and I think this is the year when you get uncomfortable.

And here’s another question from TV Line:

Question: I can’t wait for Season 13 of NCIS, please give me some scoop on our lovable Abbys (Sciuto or/and Borin). –Ann

Ausiello: There are no plans (yet) for another visit from Diane Neal as Abigail Borin, but we have better news regarding the other Abby: Episode 5 of the new season features what show boss Gary Glasberg touts as “an Abby/Die Hard story,” where the forensics whiz, all alone in a lab, “must use her wits” to save the day. One out of two ain’t bad!

The Hollywood Reporter announced last week that CBS is developing a drama based on Brandon Webb and John David Mann’s best-selling novel The Red Circle: My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America’s Deadliest Marksmen. Harmon will serve as an executive producer on the project.

Finally, check out these tweets and photos (along with one video), starting with a first look at “Stop the Bleeding”:

back at work today at a crime scene in a ravine ????

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