May 25 2024

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Lynch Could Return To ‘Criminal Minds’, Plus Set Pics

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Criminal Minds cast, with guest stars

Criminal Minds cast, with guest stars

Filming for Criminal Minds’ eleventh season is well underway, and TV Guide revealed last week that fans might see the return of a familiar face this season. Jane Lynch has appeared as Dr Spencer Reid’s (Matthew Gray Gubler) mother Diana in five episodes, most recently in season four’s “Memoriam”. It has been nearly seven years since she was on the show, but that could change during season eleven. According to Executive Producer Erica Messer:

Now with Glee finished and [Lynch’s new show Angel From Hell] is on CBS … I don’t think that will be a problem. We absolutely want her back. I’ve talked to Matthew about it. We’ve got to find a reason to bring her back because I don’t want it to be unrealistic or just to have her. And we want to be able to use her well too.

Diana has schizophrenia, and the last viewers heard, she was doing well. However, Minds will need a dramatic reason to bring the character back, and they’ll have to wait for the right time. “But I think she’ll come back and play again,” Messer said.

CSI Files previously posted tweets and photos from the set of season eleven, and here’s another collection with more than 70 tweets, photos and videos shared by the cast and crew over the past two weeks. First, the photos and tweets:

Criminal Minds medical supply oriented episode. Set Dec honored me by naming the products after me. ;-))

A photo posted by Harry Bring (@llpos) on

Tech scout episode 1103 with Joe Mantegna at the helm.

A photo posted by Harry Bring (@llpos) on

Tech scout lunch on Hollywood Blvd with Joe Mantegna. We stopped by his Star.

A photo posted by Harry Bring (@llpos) on

WE'RE BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!! CRIMINAL MINDS SEASON 11!! Hotch.. Morgan… Pretty Boy Reid!!!! ????????????????????

A photo posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on

Day one of prep, #CriminalMinds Ep 11.04 #OnToTheNextOne

A photo posted by Larry Teng (@tengstagram) on

Look who's guest starring on #CriminalMinds this season! #MichaelIrvin ????

A photo posted by Criminal Minds (@crimmindscbs) on

And here are the videos:

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