Zuiker: It Is A Love Letter To The Fans


As CSI Files previously reported, the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series finale will start filming later this month, and the script for the two-hour TV movie is now complete. “I’ve already written the finale, and it’s a great pleasure to revisit these characters and have them come to life again,” CSI creator Anthony Zuiker told Adweek. Here’s a quote from Zuiker about what fans can expect from the movie:

It is a love letter to the fans. It’s a complicated and rich case that brings all of our people back together, and has a very satisfactory conclusion that life will go on. And there’s many, many takeaways that I think our audience will appreciate. If you are a devoted fan, you’ll be very, very pleased emotionally how things wrap up. And if you’re a new fan, I think you’ll find yourself in for a two-hour ride.

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Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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