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Aiken Offers ‘The Takeaway’ From ‘CSI:Cyber’, Plus Tweets & Interviews

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CSI Files previously shared a series of videos called “The Takeaway”, featuring producer and cyberpsychologist Mary Aiken discussing the first five episodes of CSI: Cyber. Here is “The Takeaway” for the latest episode, “Selfie 2.0”:

After the jump, you can find two more “Takeaway” videos, along with cast interviews, tweets and photos!

“Selfie 2.0” was the eighth episode of the season, and here are “The Takeaway With Mary Aiken” videos for episodes six and seven, “The Evil Twin” and “URL, Interrupted”:

CSI Files previously posted the synopses for the last two episodes of Cyber’s season, which will air back-to-back on Wednesday, May 13. Executive Producer Pam Veasey offered more information to TV Guide, including a major storyline that will be revisited in the last episode: the hacking of Avery Ryan’s (Patricia Arquette) patient files when she was a psychologist in New York, which led to the death of one of her patients. Here’s an excerpt about the finale:

We meet her hacker. It’s exciting to come to that answer so quickly and not wait years or months. It brings closure, but it opens a can of worms personally for her and introduces aspects of her life that we have not told the audience about. It expands her world an opens a lot of questions in her personal life.

Shad Moss (Brody Nelson) and James Van Der Beek (Elijah Mundo) recently spoke to Canada.com about the show. Here’s a quote from Van Der Beek:

The truth is that machines are hackable, human beings are hackable, corporations are hackable. But there are certain precautions you can take to keep yourself a little less exposed. I think the reality is you’re living in an age of full disclosure now, so it’s tough to keep secrets.

But I came away from this show as I hoped viewers would come away — just a little bit better informed about what is possible, the things that can make a hacker work a little bit harder to try to hack into you.

And here’s a video of Moss shared by the same site:

Van Der Beek also spoke to the Toronto Sun last week, and here’s an excerpt:

Alongside everything that works in a procedural, the expectations of the audience have changed. Shows that were as dry as the ones that worked so beautifully in the 1990s probably couldn’t catch on today.

That’s a big part of CSI: Cyber. I was told from the very beginning that the word from CBS was, ‘We want to go home with these people.’ They wanted to know more about the characters than was shown in previous incarnations of the CSI franchise.

(The writers) do the heavy lifting and then we (the actors) can sprinkle in some character here and there. If you get a little of that to chew on, it can bleed into those procedural scenes, too, which makes it a lot more fun to do, and hopefully to watch.

Moss visited Rich Eisen’s show this past Tuesday, and you can watch that interview below (he discusses Cyber starting at 5:00):

Charley Koontz (Daniel Krumitz) was a guest on BiteSizeTV earlier this week, and you can watch the interview here.

Moss also sat down with the ladies of The Real on Tuesday. You can find two clips below, and the first one relates to Cyber:

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video featuring Aiken, in which she explains more about her job:

Finally, check out these tweets and photos shared over the past week:

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