Koontz & Moss Answer Fan Questions, Plus Interviews, Tweets & Pics


CSI: Cyber stars Charley Koontz (Daniel Krumitz) and Shad Moss (Brody Nelson) answered fan questions for CBS.com, and you can watch the video below:

After the jump, you can find a collection of videos and interviews featuring Koontz, Moss, Patricia Arquette (Avery Ryan), James Van Der Beek (Elijah Mundo), Producer Mary Aiken and series creator/Executive Producer Anthony Zuiker; along with tweets and photos from the cast. (Includes 53 embedded videos, tweets and photos.)

Van Der Beek was part of the Kevin & Bean Podcast on Wednesday, and you can find it embedded below. (His interview starts at 53:30.)

Moss visited Larry King on his talk show, and you can watch the full episode below (or on YouTube):

Koontz did an interview with Headlines & Global News. Here’s a quote, in which he discusses his character leaving the cyber headquarters to help with investigations:

It was everyone’s concern that we didn’t want to stare at the computer all the time. Krumitz has to go into the field with James’ character, Elijah Mundo, and do some of this real world action. There’s only so much time to hook up to the computer and figure out what the problem is before somebody gets hurt. So that’s been cool to operate under pressure in real world circumstances.

Arquette sat down with CBS This Morning last week to talk about the show, and here’s the interview:

Moss visited Revolt Live last week, and you can watch his interview here.

Arquette was also on The Late Show last week. You can watch part of the interview here, and here’s another clip about Cyber:

Arquette spoke to Extra, and you can watch a video at the link. “It’s pretty terrifying,” she said of the cyber crimes featured on the show. “Every time I get one of the scripts, I’m like, ‘Oh lord, please, please tell me they can’t do these things?!'”

Aiken is a cyberpsychologist, and her work inspired Arquette’s character. Here’s a video from CBS, in which Aiken explains her career and how she got involved with the show:

Independent.ie spoke to Aiken about Cyber. Check out this excerpt from the interview, relating to Aiken’s set visits while working as a producer on the show:

It’s very interesting to see how the process operates. I had done one television show before, a series called Crime in Ireland but I did all the research myself. We only had one camera guy and one sound guy available. But in CSI:Cyber they hire airports and a jet for filming. They have a cast of a hundred FBI agents and 400 people on set.

Next, take a look at these videos from CBS, in which Aiken discusses the storylines and technology featured in the first three episodes of the season, “Kidnapping 2.0”, “CMND:\Crash” and “Killer En Route”:

Moss did a short interview with Billboard. Here’s a quote:

Does Nelson embody any personal traits?

Colorfulness and swagger. Nelson actually did a little rap run in the first episode when he cracked a code, saying it in rhyme. My Twitter timeline filled up: “That was subliminal”; “A great way to crack the code: Bow Wow raps it out.” I give you splashes of Bow but not a lot.

Van Der Beek visited Access Hollywood last week, and you can watch the interview below:

Zuiker stopped by the Entertainment Weekly studio to give The Pitch for Cyber to specific audiences. You can watch the video at the link.

Here’s an interview with Aiken from Inside Edition, in which she offers people four tips to protect their online identy:

Van Der Beek spoke to The Daily Beast before the series premiere, and here’s an excerpt:

Were you a big CSI fan before?

Yeah, I have this huge respect for the franchise. Though I did not watch a lot of television before.

You don’t?

Yeah, I mean once you have intimate knowledge of how the sausage is made, you tend to not eat it so much. (Laughs.) But I was certainly aware of the impact that CSI had on television, on society, on crime, on crime-solving. I mean, the vernacular that they brought into the mainstream with the original 15 years ago is kind of unprecedented, really. That show affected juries, it affected what people chose as careers. And so I thought they were really trying to do the same thing for this crazy, brave new world of crime that’s happening now. There are some challenges, obviously, in telling a story for which many of the main plot points happen in code and inside a machine. I thought it was really canny of CBS to ask a team that’s been making satisfying hours of television for 15 years to tackle that.

Check out this video from Moss, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the ADR soundstage, the set, the studio and the press tour:

Finally, check out these tweets and photos, which have been shared over the past two weeks, followed by a video:

Happy Birthday @shadgmoss_ ! Thanks for taking us out clubbin! So proud to know you and work with you! #CSICyber

A photo posted by Charley Koontz (@charley_koontz) on

#FashionFriday #CSICyber #BehindTheScenes

A photo posted by @csicyber on

And here’s the video:

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