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‘CSI:Cyber’ Premieres Tonight

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The CSI: Cyber series premiere, “Kidnapping 2.0”, airs tonight at 10:00pm ET/PT. Here’s live chat information:

You can find more than a dozen interviews and videos after the jump, featuring the cast and CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, along with tweets and photos. (36 embedded videos, tweets and photos in all.)

As CSI Files previously reported, cast members Patricia Arquette (Avery Ryan), James Van Der Beek (Elijah Mundo) and Shad Moss (Brody Nelson) visited The Talk today, and you can watch the full episode here (skip to 18:00 for the Cyber stars). Here are two videos from the interview:

You can find a video interview with Arquette and Moss on ET Online.

Arquette did a long interview with BuzzFeed about her career, including CSI: Cyber. Here’s a quote relating to her time on network TV:

You said in your acceptance speech at Indie Spirit Awards, the day before the Oscars, that you’ve made “a lot of independent films” and you’ve made your “living in network television — and thank god for that.” It seemed like a pointed thing to say. What did you mean exactly?

PA: I think there’s a snobby concept about film versus television that still sort of exists. I think less so with more cable shows that have really brave and interesting content. But I think a lot of people were like, “Oh, you’re doing a TV series now” — like that was a bad thing.


PA: A certain aspect of the community. Although the working community understands how hard it is to make a living in entertainment these days. And I am very grateful. I get to be a lead. The first female lead in a CSI series. I get to be the team leader of this group, and a very knowledgeable woman who has a really specific skill set. That’s important to me too.

Next, check out this short clip from the premiere, which leads into the Zap2It clip linked here:

Van Der Beek spoke to TIME, and here’s an excerpt from his interview:

CSI has been on for 15 years now. What’s it like stepping into such an established franchise?

I feel like I signed with the New York Yankees. I feel like I’m wearing pinstripes to work everyday. It’s probably the biggest franchise in all of television right now. We didn’t even shoot a pilot — they picked us up for 13 episodes on the air with a really capable showrunner who had been running CSI: New York and a crew who had mostly been on CSI: New York, so I felt like I had stepped into a machine that was already well-oiled and moving. It was up to us to try and keep up.

Zuiker spoke to CBS News about the latest CSI spinoff, along with the flagship series. “Cyber crime is the crime of now and also the future,” he said, adding, “We are inspired by everything that affects today and tomorrow.” You can watch the full interview below:

Executive Producer Jerry Bruckheimer did an interview with CBS Watch, and here’s a comment about the latest CSI series:

What’s in the cards next?

The new offshoot of CSI, called CSI: Cyber, is about the Internet—specifically the dark Net. Most of the stuff you and I deal with on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg; what’s below is what’s dangerous. So many crimes, from drugs and prostitution to things so dark you don’t even want to talk about them. A lot of crimes are started on the Web, so our CSI team is going to find the people behind them. It’s another way of entertaining an audience with something that’s actually happening now, and they can learn a lot from what we’re going to show them. The Internet’s a dark place.

Moss visited Access Hollywood today, and you can watch the interview below:

Zuiker told Zap2It that Cyber is “the reboot and the future of our franchise.” Here’s another quote:

The bank robbery of yesterday was going into a bank, breaking in and taking a lot of money; the bank robbery of tomorrow is taking three cents out of your account. The arson of yesterday is burning down a forest because you’re burning love letters for a loved one; the arson of tomorrow is hacking into your smart house and having all the megahertz be rerouted to your appliance to burn your house down in the middle of the night.

Check out this rapid-fire interview with Zuiker from CBS, including comments about Cyber as well as CSI:

Here’s an interview with Arquette from The Wrap, including this quote:

What made you go, I really want to do this show?

It was really a package deal. I felt like those guys really knew how to make entertainment. This is the largest franchise in the world. This is the first time they’ve had a female lead. I thought exploring crime with technology was really interesting and I don’t feel like it’s been done. It’s this new world we’re venturing into. And the fact that my character is very much inside the system, which is different than me, and has these skill sets that I don’t at all have as a person. I’m not tech savvy. I don’t know everything about technology. So it’s really interesting to learn all of this.

Arquette visited CBS 2 in Los Angeles, and here’s that interview:

Zuiker and Arquette spoke to TV Guide, and here’s a quote from Zuiker:

Patricia is the glue to this series. Obviously, she has her own dragon she’s chasing with her backstory. She’s also kind of a therapist by proxy to James Van Der Beek’s character, who has some military issues coming back, and she kind of keeps him on the straight and narrow. On top of the fact that she’s picked up these stray ‘black hat’ hackers. There is a dotted line that all goes back to Patricia’s character and how she’s going to take care of this family as they go forward to solve the crimes of the week.

Van Der Beek visited KTLA to talk about the show, and you can watch the interview below:

Arquette spoke to TIME about the show, and here’s an excerpt:

A lot of people were surprised that you were moving from winning the movies’ highest honor to work in TV — discounting that this was already underway before Boyhood hit so big. But what do you make of the TV/film divide?

I really am driven by material. This material is interesting to me. I am an American living in the world today; I do see how much technology is driving our lives and how dangerous it is. That’s illuminating and interesting and shocking to me. This is like the Wild West.

Arquette, Van Der Beek, Moss, Peter MacNicol (Simon Sifter), Hayley Kiyoko (Raven Ramirez) and Charley Koontz (Daniel Krumitz) spoke to TV Guide about their characters, and here’s the video:

Entertainment Weekly visited the Cyber set while the cast was filming the season finale, and Van Der Beek indicated that he doesn’t see the show as a spinoff. “It’s a reboot,” he said. “There’s more emphasis on character than there’s ever been in previous CSIs. And it’s not just one city. The entire world wide web is our jurisdiction.”

Arquette spoke to Nashville’s News Channel 5 about the premiere, and you can watch that interview below:

People spoke to Arquette as well. Here’s a quote:

We’ve known crime for a long time, but we haven’t known crime like this, and the truth is we have this technology incredibly enmeshed in our lives now. Crime has moved so much into this world of technology. It’s kind of like when the original CSI started. People didn’t really understand forensics. Now, if you say you have DNA evidence, it’s like, ‘Forget it. Good luck, buddy. You’re done.’

Finally, check out these tweets and photos, followed by a few short videos shared on social media:

#backstage today on @thetalk_cbs with #PatriciaArquette and #JamesVanDerBeek. Check out their new show @CSICyber tonight on #CBS!

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Because who doesn't love a man in uniform.. #CSICyber #FBI

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It's almost #CSICYBER time!

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I just love these fools. Tonight is the night! #CSICyber at 10/9c on @CBS! Here we go!

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And here are the videos:

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