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NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans are airing new episodes this week. (Criminal Minds and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation aren’t on the schedule.)

NCIS: Los Angeles will air “Expiration Date” tonight at 9:59pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode synopsis (more information here):

When Callen and Sam are tasked with apprehending a spy contracted by the CIA, Sam is shot and the team enlists the help of Thapa, the elite Nepali soldier from their past, to help to find the shooter. Also, Kensi and Deeks have their first official argument.

And check out the episode promo below:

NCIS will air “Blast from the Past” on Tuesday at 8:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode description (more information here):

A covert identity created for one of Gibbs’ undercover cases 20 years ago resurfaces after a murder victim is found living under the alias.

And here’s the episode promo:

NCIS: NOLA will follow from 9:00-10:01pm ET/PT on Tuesday. Here’s the episode description for “My Brother’s Keeper” (more information here):

After a Navy recruiter is the target of a lethal hit and run, the NCIS team investigates whether the murder was tied to her career or her role as a foster mother to two brothers. Also, Lasalle grows increasingly concerned for his brother’s welfare after welcoming him into his home.

Now check out the episode preview:

Criminal Minds isn’t on the schedule this Wednesday, since CBS is airing back-to-back 90-minute premieres of Survivor and The Amazing Race from 8:00-11:00pm ET/PT. There’s a new episode of Criminal Minds airing next week.

A repeat of the NCIS: LA episode “One More Chance” will air on Saturday at 8:00pm ET/PT.

There’s no CSI on the schedule this Sunday. The new show Battle Creek premieres in CSI’s old timeslot, at 10:00pm ET/PT.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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