Take A Peek At Tonight’s ‘NCIS’ & ‘NCIS:NOLA’


NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans are airing new episodes tonight from 8:00-10:01pm ET/PT. You can find sneak peeks, quotes, tweets and photos after the jump!

Here’s the first clip from the NCIS episode “Cadence”, featuring Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). (You can also find it on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

And here’s the second scene, which features Tony, Bishop and guest star Steve Harris. (It’s also available on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

“Cadence” features Tanner Stine as a young Tony. Here’s an excerpt from a TV Line article shared earlier this month, in which Executive Producer Gary Glasberg spoke about the flashbacks:

As previously reported, this episode guest-stars Tanner Stine (The Thundermans) as a teenaged DiNozzo, who is seen in flashbacks attending military prep school; Steve Harris (The Practice) plays Tony’s onetime mentor/basketball coach turned school provost. “I think we captured the essence of who Tony may have been when he was younger — and any time that we can give continued insight into young DiNozzo, it only informs who he is today,” Glasberg says. Among the new intel to be gleaned: You’ll see in teen Tony “a respect [for his mentor] that carries over into how he handles himself as an agent, with Gibbs. It bounces back and forth in time pretty nicely.”

Glasberg also spoke to Fox News earlier this month. “He’s got Tony’s spark, he’s got his wit, and there’s a sharpness in a look and a glance,” he said of Stine. “He was a terrific kid and really studied. He went back and looked at a lot of episodes and studied Michael’s mannerisms.”

Finally, check out these tweets and photos:

Check out this first scene from the NCIS: New Orleans episode “Careful What You Wish For”, featuring Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan) and guest stars Richard T Jones, Jay Jablonski and James Moses Black. (You can also find it on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

And here’s the second clip, which features Brody and guest star Jones. (It’s also on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

McLellan spoke to Starpulse about tonight’s episode, which focuses on her character. Here’s an excerpt:

I got to really dive into Brody’s past, into her personal life and where she comes from. I’m just grateful that I’m working with a group of producers and writers who, I feel they’re really writing for us. Each writer comes out to the set for their episodes, and the more they get to know us, the more they can write for us. Not just our characters, but us as human beings.

I feel like I have a little more to sink my teeth into. In terms of my character, she’s just loosening up a little bit. She’s opening up, and it’s really nice to be able to explore different ideas and different emotions that she feels.

Finally, take a look at these tweets and photos:

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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