CBS Accidentally Promotes ‘CSI’ Series Finale


As CSI Files previously reported, CBS will air the final two episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s fifteenth season back-to-back on Sunday, February 15. During last night’s episode of NCIS, the network had an on-screen advertisement for the “series finale” of the crime drama, which was also reflected in some cable listings. CSI’s future is uncertain at this point in time, but CBS Executive Vice President of Communications Chris Ender posted these tweets clarifying that the “series finale” designation was a mistake:

You can find several more tweets after the jump, from the official CSI writers’ room account and Executive Producer Louis Milito:

This first tweet is from last week, but it indicates that the two-part finale is not intended to be a series finale:

And here are two tweets that were posted after yesterday’s mistake:

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Rachel Trongo


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