Moss, Kiyoko & Van Der Beek Talk ‘CSI:Cyber’


Here’s a video called “A Day In The Life Of Shad Moss” (Brody Nelson), one of the stars of CSI: Cyber. He discusses his life and career, and you can see behind-the-scenes footage from the spinoff starting at 3:00. Moss focuses on Cyber from 4:00-5:53, then again from 6:50 to the end of the video; there are appearances from several of his costars, including James Van Der Beek (Elijah Mundo) and Charley Koontz (Daniel Krumitz).

You can find interview links from Van Der Beek and Hayley Kiyoko (Raven) after the jump!

Kiyoko spoke to The Plus Paper last month, and here’s an excerpt about her role on Cyber:

TP: Speaking about acting, we know you are going to play Raven in CSI, who’s an expert in social media.
HK: My brother teased me when I first got the role and was like, ‘why do you always get cast as the smart one?’ Oh brotherly love. It was a dream to work on this show. I grew up watching alias and 24 so I love crime-solving shows. The set blew me away. So many computer screens and tech stuff, it’s been a challenge but a blast!

Van Der Beek also did an interview last month about CSI: Cyber. Check out this quote, in which the actor discusses his action scenes on the show:

“It’s crazy,” he exclaimed. “I’m kicking down doors, I’m following SWAT teams into rooms, I’m jumping over cars. I just damaged a car the other day because I was jumping over it so much, and I didn’t have to pay for it. It’s a blast!

Patricia Arquette [Avery Ryan] always asks me ‘Are you having boy fun?’ I’m like yeah!”

CSI: Cyber will premiere on Wednesday, March 4 at 10:00pm ET/PT.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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