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CBS posted this video featuring some of the biggest new and returning primetime stars, including NCIS’s Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto), Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs) and Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo); LL Cool J (Sam Hanna) and Chris O’Donnell (G Callen) from NCIS: Los Angeles; Criminal Minds’ Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia) and newcomer Jennifer Love Hewitt (Kate Callahan); and NCIS: New Orleans leading man Scott Bakula (Dwayne Pride).

After the jump, you can find a collection of Ice Bucket Challenges, questions, casting information, interviews, videos, photos and tweets relating to NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds and NCIS: New Orleans, which have been shared over the past month. (Contains spoilers and 150+ embedded tweets, photos and videos!)

Last month, CSI Files posted a collection of videos featuring cast members from NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds and CSI: Cyber participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here are several more videos, featuring Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) from NCIS and Criminal Minds stars Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) and Joe Mantegna (David Rossi). You can also find a message from Pauley Perrette:


Cast members will chat live during the season 12 premiere on Tuesday, September 23 at 8:00pm ET (5:00pm PT):

You can read the NCIS portion of TV Line’s Fall TV Spoilers 2014 below:

Having ended what he calls a “tumultuous” Season 11 on a quiet, cliffhanger-free note, show boss Gary Glasberg says Season 12 “absolutely” opens “with a bang.” The premiere, titled’ “20 Clicks,” sends Gibbs and McGee to Russia “for a really significant crisis” that introduces a mercenary/new adversary (played by Alex Veadov) “who will pop up throughout the season.” Also: DiNozzo will be partnered with a pretty FBI agent (Melrose Place’s Stephanie Jacobsen), there will be flashbacks to Ducky’s younger days, the McGee/Delilah storyline will continue and we’ll meet Bishop’s husband.

BONUS SPOILER | Diane Neal will return in an early episode as CGIS Agent Borin. “She is a favorite of the cast and crew,” raves Glasberg. “If we could clone her, we would and have her back again and again.”

Lev Gorn has been cast in a recurring role on NCIS, according to Deadline. He’ll play Russian Deputy Ambassador Anton Yelic, and the role might cross over into the new spinoff, NCIS: New Orleans.

Here’s a question from TV Guide:

I would love any NCIS spoilers you might have. — Laura

It’s been a while since we checked in with SecNav Sarah Porter, no? Fear not: Leslie Hope will reprise her role in an episode slated to air in mid-October (the same episode that will introduce Stephanie Jacobsen as DiNozzo’s new love interest). The episode, appropriately titled “Choke Hold,” finds the team investigating the bizarre strangling of a Navy research scientist. Hmm, sounds like the kind of case SecNav can really get her hands around!

TV Line shared this question and answer:

Question: In what episode of NCIS Season 12 will Jim Beaver be guest-starring? —JP

Ausiello: Though we don’t have the episode number, we do have a title — “The San Dominick.” And Matt Mitovich has learned that it’s the same episode that brings back fan fave Diane Neal as CGIS Agent Borin. The plot: During a joint NCIS/Coast Guard training exercise, Gibbs and Borin find a body floating in the water. Once it’s determined that the deceased was a crew member aboard a ship run by a Captain Tom O’Rourke (Supernatural alum Beaver’s role), the two decide to pay a visit to the vessel some 60 nautical miles away, to further investigate the “man overboard” situation.

Here are scans from the September 22-28 issue of TV Guide Magazine (click to see them full-sized):

Check out this interview with Glasberg from TV Fanatic, including the question below:

TVF: What was your biggest surprise in doing the Ducky flashback episode? Especially once you got Adam Campbell involved, who just looks so much like David McCallum it’s scary?

GG: Yeah. I have to tell you, Adam was unbelievable. I just finished spotting that episode and the flashbacks, the cutting back and forth between David McCallum and Adam, the lightness, the fun, the energy, the cutting between time differences, it all worked out great, and Leslie Libman directed and did a really terrific job and I’m really excited about the episode. I think people are going to get a huge kick out of it and it explains some things about Ducky and about his background and about his reference to his mom and to the corgis and the bowties. It’s just chock full of goodness.

Former NFL player Tony Gonzalez will appear in the September 30 episode of NCIS. He will play “Special Agent Tony Francis, who is fishing for information on Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).”

According to TV Line, Marisol Nichols will appear in an upcoming episode of NCIS as ATF Special Agent Zoë Keates. Keates worked with DiNozzo back in Philadelphia, and they cross paths again when the NCIS and ATF track the same terrorist.

Here’s a collection of four first look photos from the season 12 premiere, “Twenty Klicks”, courtesy of

Finally, check out these tweets and photos:


You can read the NCIS: LA portion of TV Line’s Fall TV Spoilers 2014 below:

In “Deep Trouble, Part 2,” “We jump right in” where the finale left off, with Sam and Callen trapped in a sub with bad guys and ammonia nitrate, says show boss Shane Brennan. From there, “It’s continuous action.” Of course, the show won’t blow up two leads, so the question is, “How the hell are they going to get out of this?” – especially after they realize what the terrorists’ target is and with the Navy poised to “take unilateral action” against the sub. Meanwhile, Hetty’s future is again in flux, “but this time we take it much further” – namely, to Washington, where she faces a hostile Senate committee seeking the truth about NCIS’ White Ghost op. “Things get very intense,” Brennan says. “We discover that Hetty is being targeted…. and someone very close to her dies as a result.” On a lighter note, “Romance is in the cards for Callen, and from an unexpected quarter,” while “unasked-for advice” from Talia will prompt Kensi to stop and think about her “thing” with Deeks.

BONUS SPOILER | Nell “finds herself in a pretty dangerous situation early on in the season,” Brennan shares. “And it has to do with Hetty.”

Check out this question from TV Guide:

How long will Talia be sticking around on NCIS: LA? — Mary

Sorry, Densi ‘shippers: It doesn’t look like Talia (Mercedes Masohn) is going anywhere soon. “We love this character,” executive producer Shane Brennan says. “Without a doubt we’ll be bringing her back.” But don’t expect Talia and Kensi to become BFFs anytime soon. “Let’s just say things become heated between [Talia] and Kensi when Talia gives her some unasked-for advice,” Brennan teases. “Her impact is both emotional and physical.” Can you say catfight?

And here’s a question from Entertainment Weekly:

I need scoop on NCIS: LA. — Moni

Lest we think Hetty is off the hook, she’ll be called to Washington D.C. to face an investigation into her use of funds and tactics in saving Kensi. I can exclusively reveal that John Heard (Home Alone, Prison Break) will portray Special Congressional Investigator Michael Thomas, who will be heading up the inquisition. Bonus Scoop: NCIS’ Vance (Rocky Carroll) will also appear in the episode.

NCIS: LA’s Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) will appear in a late October episode of the new CBS series Scorpion.

Here’s an interview with O’Donnell from AskMen—check out an excerpt below:

DG: What can we expect from your character, Callen, in the coming season?

CO: Callen, again, has got this ongoing quest to find out more of his history, his family and where he came from, the circumstances that led him to live in 30 different foster homes as a kid. But on that quest, someone from his past is going to come up. There’s a love interest with a relative of theirs that we’re going to see for Callen.

Take a look at these scans from the September 22-28 issue of TV Guide Magazine (click to see them full-sized):

Check out this question from TV Line (click the link to see the photo mentioned below):

Question: Could we please have some info about Kensi on NCIS: LA? Pretty please? —Abby

Ausiello: Hmm, how about an exclusive photo from the Season 6 premiere (airing Monday — remember, Monday, Sept. 29 at 10/9c)? What’s going on here, you ask? As show boss Shane Brennan told Matt Mitovich during our Fall Preview Q&A, “Talia (returning guest star Mercedes Masohn) poses some questions that make Kensi stop and think [about her Deeks situation]. She also gives Kensi some, let’s call it, ‘unasked-for advice.’”

Entertainment Weekly shared this casting information:

I was hoping for some NCIS: LA scoop. — Donald

Will a casting suffice? When the team investigates a shooting at a Department of Defense accounting firm, they’ll seek the assistance of Doug Ouellet (Intelligence alum John Billingsley), who is guilt-ridden that he’s one of the survivors, but he’ll do his best to keep his composure while helping the team determine whether hundreds of undercover missions have now been compromised.

And here’s another question from TV Line:

Any Season 6 scoop on NCIS: LA’s Nell?—Paul

Anyone who enjoyed the Nell/Hetty moment in the season finale “is in for some surprises in the first and second episode, and the third, too,” showrunner Shane Brennan told me. “Nell comes to Hetty’s rescue in a very interesting way.”

Check out this short promo for the new season:

Here’s a collection of eight first look photos from the season six premiere, “Deep Trouble, Part 2”, courtesy of

Finally, take a look at these tweets and photos, followed by a video:

And here’s the video, which features LL Cool J and Hunt:

Criminal Minds

You can read the Criminal Minds portion of TV Line’s Fall TV Spoilers 2014 below:

The team’s newest addition, Kate Callahan (played by The Client List’s Jennifer Love Hewitt), will be introduced while she’s working undercover on a case. “You see her doing something you don’t see our team ever doing,” says executive producer Erica Messer. “[She has to] sit there and pretend to like a criminal.” Early episodes will touch on how the “traumatic” season finale shooting affected both Garcia and Reid “more than we know,” as well as shed light on what’s new with Rossi and JJ. On the romantic front, it’s BAU for the BAU, though that could change. “We need to figure out a few things with Morgan’s girlfriend [Savannah] and Hotch’s girlfriend [Beth],” says Messer, “and see how we’ll explore those stories this year.”

BONUS SPOILER | Episode 3 is a “big” one, says Messer, as the team is called to the site of “one of the largest disasters with mass casualities they’ve seen in their 10-year history.”

Here’s a question from Entertainment Weekly:

Any chance of Bellamy Young ever returning to Criminal Minds? — Kaitlyn

Unfortunately, the Scandal star won’t even be back for their off-screen breakup. That’s right, it’s over. “We’re going to have them broken up,” executive producer Erica Messer says. “The audience will learn that in the first half of the season. The goal will be to see if he can get out there and meet someone new.” Bonus: Hotch’s son Jack will return in the Halloween episode, which will be directed by Thomas Gibson.

And here’s another question from Entertainment Weekly:

Will we find out what happened to Blake on Criminal Minds? — Mindy

Yes, and you won’t have to wait long to get the scoop. “You’ll learn in the teaser that she’s actually moved to Boston and she’s teaching full time,” executive producer Erica Messer tells me. “She’s not an FBI agent anymore, but she’s taking all of her skills and teaching them to others, which is a pretty honorable thing to do.”

TV Guide posted this question and answer:

Criminal Minds spoilers, please! — Mandy

Although we meet her in the premiere, viewers won’t get the full 411 on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character Kate Callahan for a while. Some of her secrets will emerge when a case early in the season hits a little too close to home. (Hint: It involves a plane crash.) And although she’ll fill in the blanks to at least one member of the BAU, he or she may not be the first person to find out.

Take a look at this question from TV Guide:

Got anything on Criminal Minds? — Janice

Remember The Replicator from Season 8? Don’t worry — he’s not returning, but Season 10 will feature another long-term unsub. Like The Replicator story line, it will be introduced at the end of the premiere. “You see that there is a bigger thing going on. It’ll be a big case we touch on again midway through the season,” executive producer Erica Messer tells us. And no, they don’t have a nickname for him yet. “We have our own little shortcut in the [writers’] room, but we haven’t landed on anything yet to put out there.”

Check out ten first look photos from the season ten premiere, “X”, courtesy of

Here’s a scan from the September 22-28 issue of TV Guide Magazine (click to see it full-sized):

You can find a promotional image of the team, including Hewitt, on the Entertainment Weekly website, and there’s another image below—click to see it full-sized:

Finally, check out these tweets and photos (including a Vine and an embedded video):


Leading man Scott Bakula spoke to TV Guide last month about New Orleans. You can read an excerpt below:

TV Guide Magazine: NCIS has a lot of terrorism plots, and the other spinoff, NCIS: Los Angeles, is all about undercover operations. But it doesn’t appear that NCIS: New Orleans will involve as much secret-agent stuff.

Bakula: My character is definitely not undercover. He’s got relationships with the politicians in town or the cop on the beat that he worked with 15 years ago, when he was with the New Orleans police department, before joining NCIS. Pride has a certain amount of notoriety in New Orleans, so when he walks into a bar, people turn and say, “Hey, Dwayne” or “Hey, King.” That’s part of his — no pun intended — pride, doing what he does for the city and caring about it.

Here’s a question from TV Line:

Will we see Paige Turco on NCIS: New Orleans, or is she too busy with The 100? –Daniel

Thus far, the latter. Scott Bakula’s TV wife is discussed/alluded to in the very early episodes, but thus far has yet to put in a physical appearance. And if you know how I famously feel about TV’s erstwhile Melanie Cortlandt, so much is about the physical.

Also check out this question from TV Guide:

I’m excited for NCIS: New Orleans. Will any of the NCIS cast members be making regular appearances? — Nathan

Because Gibbs and Scott Bakula’s Pride go way back, creator Gary Glasberg says you’ll be seeing much more crossover between the shows than you did between the mother ship and NCIS: Los Angeles. In fact, Ducky pops up in New Orleans in the premiere! Later in the season, Agent Fornell (Joe Spano) also makes a visit to New Orleans to investigate a kidnapping, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gibbs didn’t make a return to the Big Easy by November sweeps.

Earlier this month, the latest NCIS spinoff filmed scenes from an upcoming episode on location in the village of Bayou Boeuf in Lafourche Parish.

Rob Kerkovich (Sebastian Lund) spoke to about becoming part of the spinoff. “[His] thought process is verbalized a lot,” the actor said of his character. “He starts going off on tangents because he knows so much that he’ll just start explaining, going into minute detail, about some sort of scientific thing that he probably could’ve skipped over entirely.”

Take a look at these scans from the September 15-21 issue of TV Guide Magazine (click to see them full-sized):

And check out this promo poster (click to enlarge):

You can find some promotional images from the series premiere, “Musician Heal Thyself”, on SpoilerTV.

Here’s an interview with Bakula from the LA Times, and you can read an excerpt below:

You’re in New Orleans shooting for five days a week, but your family is back in L.A. How’s that working out?

Well, we’re all discovering that. It’s a process. We’re in the middle of shooting our fourth episode, and we’ve all agreed that we’re going to be flexible and try and determine how this is going to work. Nobody is talking about what this will be long term. We’ve got an order for 13 episodes, and we’re trying to make this 13 as great as we possibly can and see what happens. I don’t know that I would ever move here, but if we get picked up for longer I would get more of a permanent kind of residence that I would go to when I was here.

CBS posted ten questions and answers from Zoe McLellan (Meredith Brody) as part of their Fresh Faces of Fall feature. When asked which prop she’d like to take home from the New Orleans set, McLellan answered, “There is not a prop I want to steal, but I would like to steal the table in the headquarters kitchen.”

McLellan is now on Twitter, and here’s her first tweet:

Check out five behind-the-scenes videos below, featuring executive producers Glasberg, Jeffrey Lieber, and Harmon; along with stars Bakula, CCH Pounder (Dr Loretta Wade), McLellan, and Lucas Black (Christopher LaSalle):

And here’s a preview for the season:

TV Guide quizzed the NCIS: NOLA cast about New Orleans, and you can watch the videos below:

Here’s another video from TV Guide, featuring Glasberg, which offers a look at the New Orleans set:

The AP posted a short article about the spinoff, including this quote from Lieber: “The mysteries are sort of infused with a kind of culture and soul—which is not to say anything about NCIS—but you feel the city in every beat and starting to inform the characters as well.”

Finally, check out these tweets and photos, including shots of NCIS’s Michael Weatherly filming for the spinoff:

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