CBS Expands Eye-Lert System


The CBS Eye-lert system is used to alert fans to primetime schedule delays caused by NFL doubleheader games on Sundays, and the system will provide viewers with a new option starting September 14. This expansion will now enable iOS users to receive mobile updates using the CBS App, in addition to the existing updates via on-air graphics, a ticker on, and posts on Twitter and Facebook. “The upgraded CBS Eye-lert system will expand its reach by millions of viewers,” said Kelly Kahl, Senior Executive President of CBS Primetime. “We’re using multiple platforms to update our audience in the most effective ways possible.”

The primetime schedule will be pushed back thirty minutes in the Eastern and Central timezones on NFL doubleheader weekends. This means CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will start at 10:30pm ET (9:30pm CT) on October 5, October 26, November 2, November 23, November 30, December 21 and December 28. (There will be no change to the schedule in the Mountain and Pacific timezones.)

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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