‘Buzz Kill’ Official Details, Plus What’s On This Week


Here is the cast list and official details for this week’s episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, plus the season premieres of NCIS: Los Angeles and Criminal Minds, and the new episodes of NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans.

NCIS: Los Angeles kicks off season six in its new Monday night timeslot, airing at a special time, 9:59pm ET/PT. Here’s the synopsis for “Deep Trouble, Part 2” (more information here):

Callen and Sam are trapped in an armed submarine that terrorists have aimed to hit an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Meanwhile, Hetty defies orders and forgoes her trip to Washington, as the team tries to locate and save Callen and Sam and prevent the terrorist attack.

And check out the episode promo below:

NCIS will air “Kill the Messenger” on Tuesday at 8:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode description (more information here):

When a Navy Lieutenant is killed on his way to a private meeting with the President, the NCIS team must determine if the murder was part of a recent stream of muggings in the area or a targeted hit to keep intel secret.

And here’s the episode promo:

NCIS: NOLA will follow at 9:00pm ET/PT on Tuesday. Here’s the episode description for “Carrier” (more information here):

NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo assists the New Orleans team when a Navy lieutenant on liberty dies of the bubonic plague. The team races to locate all additional sailors on liberty, control a potential outbreak and determine the source of the highly infectious disease.

Now check out the episode preview:

On Wednesday, the tenth season of Criminal Minds gets underway with “X” at 9:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode description (more information here):

The BAU team investigates a series of murders in Bakersfield, Calif., which have left the victims unidentifiable. Also, the team welcomes new agent Kate Callahan into the BAU fold, who assists them in their efforts in solving the cases.

And here’s the episode promo:

Finally, CSI will air the second episode of season fifteen, “Buzz Kill”, in its new Sunday timeslot. As CSI Files previously reported, the NFL doubleheader that night will affect the start time in the Eastern and Central timezones. “Buzz Kill” will air at 10:30pm ET (9:30pm CT)/10:00pm PT. First, check out the episode promo below:

And here’s the synopsis, followed by the official details:

The CSI team investigates a robbery and fatal shooting at a medical marijuana shop.

Line Producer Frank Waldeck directed the episode, which marks his fourteenth credit for CSI. He previously helmed “Love for Sale” last season. “Buzz Kill” was written by Executive Producer Andrew Dettman, whose seven previous writing credits include the season 14 finale, “Dead in His Tracks”.

The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

Alimi Ballard as Det. Kevin Crawford
Richard Speight Jr. as Lloyd Bryant
Alycia Grant as Allison Ball
Jama Williamson as Dina Bryant
Matthew Tyler Risch as Calvin Reynolds
James Ferris as Detective Keys
Andrew Fiscella as Remi Volero
Jeff Bowser as Customer
John Clinton Culp as Security Guard
Christopher Poehls as Stuart Ball
Jon Farless as CSI Tech Murph
Asante Jones as Swat Captain

Alimi Ballard is back as Detective Kevin Crawford. Jon Farless has appeared in seven previous episodes of CSI, most recently season fourteen’s “Boston Brakes”. Richard Speight Jr previously guest-starred in the CSI: Miami episode “Vengeance” during the show’s third season, and Christopher Poehls was in season nine’s “Stoned Cold”. James Ferris appeared in “People With Money” during the third season of CSI: New York, and Andrew Fiscella was in season two’s “Zoo York”. The other actors are new to the franchise.

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