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Take A Look At More ‘NCIS’, ‘NCIS:LA’, ‘NCIS:NOLA’ & ‘Criminal Minds’ News & Spoilers

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Here’s a collection of news, casting information, questions, photos, tweets and videos relating to NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS, Criminal Minds and NCIS: Los Angeles that have been shared over the past two weeks. (Contains spoilers and 126 embedded photos/tweets/videos!)


On Monday, September 1, CBS Fall Preview will air on the network from 8:30-9:00pm ET/PT. The special will offer a look at five new series, including NCIS: New Orleans, featuring behind-the-scenes moments and cast interviews.

There will be a screening of New Orleans at PaleyFest on Sunday, September 7 (in New York and LA).

The USS Kidd, a historic naval warship, will appear in an episode of the spinoff. According to USS Kidd executive director Alex Juan, “This partnership couldn’t come at a better time as we’ve been looking for creative ways to generate more income and having NCIS film here will not only help us financially, but will highlight both the Kidd and the city of Baton Rouge.” (You can read more about the ship on Wikipedia.)

Scott Bakula (Dwayne Cassius Pride) spoke to WLOX News about New Orleans. “It’s just an incredibly rich kind of fabric of a place to tell stories from,” he said. “It’s not a new town. So for a show like ours that needs great character, we get a ton from the city, you know the birth place of jazz etc., the great food and then we have all the wonderful people who live here.”

Bakula’s character is largely based on technical adviser D’Wayne Swear, former chief of the real New Orleans NCIS office. “Though it is entertainment, they really are focused on reality,” Swear told WLOX News. “They ask me questions about the sets, if they really look this. They also ask about steps in an investigation and they really do it.”

Here’s an interview with Zoe McLellan (Meredith Brody) from You can read an excerpt below, which discusses her connection to her character:

I don’t really understand the reason why, but I felt, ‘I need to play this person. I need to bring her to life.’ It’s kind of hard to explain in words, but it’s like when you meet someone and feel like you’ve known them before.

CCH Pounder (Dr Loretta Wade) also spoke to She visited a morgue to research her role as the show’s medical examiner, and the experience “changed my humanity on a personal level.” Pounder was not overwhelmed by the smell of death. Instead, she revealed:

But I was aware of the fact that what I recognize as a living human being was not there, that (the bodies were) just the shell. This was the casing, and that internal spirit that gives us life was indeed gone. So you could look at a body and realize, ‘This was a receptacle, and now I can look into a receptacle and find organs and find bullets and find stray bits in a completely different way, with a completely different attitude.’ I wanted to transfer to my character what I found in terms of solving a mystery in order to help the living.

McLellan started the 20th annual Red Dress Run in New Orleans earlier this month. You can find several photos below:

TV Guide shared this exclusive video, which is part of a featurette from the NCIS season 11 DVDs. The video goes behind-the-scenes of the two-part NCIS storyline that introduced the latest spinoff, and you can watch it below:

Finally, here are more photos and tweets from the cast and crew—including confirmation that Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) and Joe Spano (Agent Fornell) will appear in the spinoff:


Former NFL player Tony Gonzalez will guest-star in an upcoming episode. You can see a tweet and photo embedded below:

According to Entertainment Weekly, Stephanie Jacobsen has been cast in a potentially-recurring role as Special Agent Leia Pendergast. The character is partnered with Tony for “a case involving an international terrorist threat targeting Navy researchers.”

Here are two questions from TV Line:

In Season 10 on NCIS, we finally met McGee’s dad. Will we see him this season or at least get an update on his cancer? –Linda

“I don’t know if we’ll see McGee’s dad or not,” show boss Gary Glasberg said when I brought your question to him, “but we’ll certainly revisit that storyline.”

I’ve heard a rumor that Emily Wickersham (Bishop) will only be back for a couple of NCIS episodes in Season 12. Can you confirm or deny? –Antonia

Oh, Internet. You amuse me. Let’s dismiss this tall tale, seeing as the show has plans to explore the probie’s past and personal life. Says Gary Glasberg, “We’ll be getting into Bishop’s background a little and meet her husband Jake, understand what their relationship is all about.”

Check out this TV Guide question:

I can’t believe they’re already giving DiNozzo a new love interest on NCIS. — Susan

I’m sure there are ‘shippers out there who never want to see Tony with anyone but Ziva, but that ‘ship has sailed. Or has it? While executive producer Gary Glasberg says the door is always open for Cote de Pablo to return, Michael Weatherly sounds even more certain. “I’m sure they will see other again,” he says of an eventual reunion between Tony and Ziva. “I am deeply fascinated by what kind of fireworks would result,” Weatherly says. “I absolutely know that it would not be without an explosive quality.” Especially if he’s with another woman, amirite?

And here’s another question from TV Line:

Just curious, is the actress that played McGee’s girlfriend coming back to NCIS, or are they done? –Chris

Through production of Season 12 thus far, Big Bang alum Margo Harshman has yet to reprise her role as Delilah – though, as show boss Gary Glasberg promised, McGee’s complicated relationship has not been dropped. In fact, I’m hearing that Delilah has been referenced several times already.

Entertainment Weekly answered this question:

Have you got any spoilers about #NCIS’ Tony going to NCIS: New Orleans? Or any Tony/McGee spoilers? #SpoilerRoom —Marla

One storyline that was being discussed involves Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, and David McCallum all partaking in a crossover. As for the New Orleans show itself, don’t expect it to have the same feel as Washington. The writers are working to really infuse the stories with the local culture, not to mention that the New Orleans office doesn’t have nearly as many resources as Washington. Seriously, we’re talking like three or four people working hard.

Here’s an interview with Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs), in which he reveals a connection between NCIS’s loyal fans and those in the hospital:

One of the things that happens on this show is that people who are laid up, people in hospitals, because this show is on all the time wherever you are, they’ve caught up with this show and that’s been an interesting reward, because that has really nothing to do with the show as much as it does with helping people get through some rough time. That’s nice.

Wickersham shared this video, which features herself alongside other female stars talking about their beauty secrets:

As CSI Files reported back in June, NCIS took home the Golden Nymph award for being the most watched TV drama in the world at the 54th Monte Carlo Television Festival. The cast celebrated on set two weeks ago, and you can see a collection of tweets, photos and videos below. First, here are several videos featuring Perrette, Rocky Carroll (Leon Vance), Weatherly, Sean Murray (Timothy McGee), Wickersham, Harmon and McCallum:

And here are the tweets and photos:

Finally, check out these miscellaneous photos and tweets:

Criminal Minds

The series will pay tribute to the late Meshach Taylor during season ten. Taylor played David Rossi’s (Joe Mantegna) former Marine sergeant Harrison Scott in season eight’s “The Fallen” and last season’s “The Road Home”. Mantegna will direct the tribute episode. Here’s a quote from executive producer Erica Messer:

Joe felt he would really like to finish that story that we started. It’s a huge deal for Joe because he and Meshach were friends for over 40 years, but also for Meshach’s career because the last acting thing he did was work with one of his best friends. Joe really wanted to honor the friendship and Meshach’s professional life and bring closure to the story. We’re going to do that almost midway through the season. It’ll be really touching.

Alicia Coppola will guest star in episode four. She’ll play Lisa Randall, the woman in charge of a Morgellons syndrome support group who is “willing to go as far as she can to protect group members privacy.”

Here’s a question from TV Guide:

How does Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character’s get along with the rest of the BAU on Criminal Minds? — Evan

Pretty well actually — in fact, many of them are in awe of her credentials. Specifically, she pairs up with Rossi for her first case, which involves an acrotomophiliac (gross!). Look for her to take charge, especially during the final showdown with the unsub. Although she may regret that decision later…

And here’s another question from TV Guide:

Can you share anything new about Criminal Minds? — Owen

Garcia will be suffering from major PTSD after shooting the “nurse” who tried to poison Reid in the season finale. In fact, look for her to visit the incarcerated guy for closure. As for Reid, who’s recovering from his gunshot, he’s putting up a strong front, but keep your eyes peeled for something that suggests that not all is right with him. Just as long as it’s not Dilaudid again…

Finally, check out these photos and tweets from the cast and crew, followed by a video:

And here’s the video:


TV Line posted this question:

Question: Would love some NCIS: LA scoop, please — anything Hetty-related would be fantastic. —Michelle

Ausiello: Lest you suspect that the Hetty cliffhanger will neatly/quickly resolve itself as previous ones have, as Season 6 opens, “We actually see Hetty reach a point where she cannot resolve the situation herself,” showrunner Shane Brennan told Matt Mitovich. “She hits a wall, where she can’t do any more than what she’s done.” [Cue a rather unexpected savior.] Unrelated bonus scoop: Early on in Season 6, Rocky Carroll will cross over from NCIS to appear as Vance in “more than one” LA episode.

Here’s the trailer for Baby, a short film starring Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones):

Finally, check out this collection of tweets and photos from the cast and crew, followed by a video:

And here’s the video:

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