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Filming is underway for the fall season, and you can find questions, interviews, casting information, videos, tweets and photos for NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans and Criminal Minds after the jump, which have been shared over the past month. (Contains spoilers and 110 embedded tweets, images and videos!)


Here’s a question from TV Line:

This NCIS: Los Angeles hiatus is killing me. I’m dying for an scoop on the Densi front. Help a girl out? —Mahnoor

A little birdie tells me that if you thought the season finale’s “three-way” encounter between Deeks, Kensi and DEA Agent Talia was tense, just you wait until Season 6 opens!

And check out this question from E! Online:

Christina: Update me on my favorite TV couple: NCIS: LA’s Deeks and Kensi!

If the characters had time for Facebook, their statuses would definitely be: It’s Complicated. “There’s a lot of love between these characters, whether they’ve established it as being a romantic love or sexual tension or friendship or brotherly and sisterly love,” Daniela Ruah spills. “There’s obviously a really strong connection between these characters and we’ll have to keep watching the build or destruction of the relationship.” Translation: Prepare for more will-they-or-won’t-they goodness.

Here is the section about NCIS: LA from the Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off article on TV Guide:

Where We Left Off: Callen and Sam found themselves trapped on a submarine with terrorists — and a whole host of explosives rigged to go off at any moment — while the rest of the team is searching for them. Hetty was sent to D.C. to answer to her superiors about the White Ghost incident with Kensi in Afghanistan. And just when it looked like Deeks and Kensi’s relationship was heading into smooth waters, Talia showed up to throw a wrench into things.

What’s Next: First and foremost is getting Callen and Sam out of their sticky situation. But once that’s out of the way, it remains to be seen what consequences (if any) Hetty will face in regards to Afghanistan. Also, Densi ‘shippers, beware: Talia will be sticking around for at least one or two more episodes.

As CSI Files previously reported, Ruah and David Olsen got married last month in Portugal. You can read the English translation of the exclusive Vogue Portugal article on Daniela Ruah Fans, which also has links to the original magazine scans and photo galleries.

Finally, take a look at these tweets and photos:


Here’s a question from TV Line:

With Michael Weatherly having gotten in such good shape this summer for his triathlon, will this be addressed for NCIS’ DiNozzo? –Joni

The actor’s lean, mean physique apparently will help Tony’s game. Show boss Gary Glasberg tells us he’s in the “formative stages” of crafting a new love interest for Tony, someone that NCIS’ most eligible agent (G Callen excepted) will meet through a case. “It’s time for Tony to continue to grow a little bit,” says Glasberg. “He went through a lot last year emotionally and tried to deal with Ziva’s departure as he could. And it’s time” for someone new. “We’ll be mature about it and handle it properly, and Michael’s excited about it.”

Also check out this question from TV Guide:

What can you tell me about the new season of NCIS? — Katie

Though the show seems to tease as much every season, DiNozzo is definitely getting a new love interest this year. “It’s going to happen early on, probably around Episode 4,” executive producer Gary Glasberg promises, noting that the pair will meet through a case Tony is working. And it sounds like he might finally be ready for a serious relationship post-Ziva. “I think he’s moved past being the wounded bird,” Michael Weatherly says. “[Last year,] we decided to whip that guy into shape and get him excited about the future and not holding on to the past. Tony is making choices that are not passive. He’s not content to sit on the side and cash his check until it’s time to retire. I think he’s going to have more fun than he’s ever had.”

And here’s another question from TV Line:

Question: Have you got any scoop on Season 12 of NCIS? —Tara

Ausiello: As showrunner Gary Glasberg previously told TVLine, coming off a season that 1) wrote out Ziva, 2) added Bishop, 3) planted the seed for a new spin-off and 4) accounted for Ralph Waite’s passing— and thus ended on a quiet, cliffhanger-free note — “the idea was to come out with a bang.” And the Sept. 23 premiere will do just that. “We’ve got a really significant season opener that brings Gibbs and McGee to Russia for a really big story. A crisis comes up and we immediately launch with a significant adversary who will pop up throughout the rest of the season,” played by Russian actor Alex Veadov.

Glasberg spoke to TV Fanatic about season twelve. You can find an excerpt below relating to the season premiere, which starts in Russia and sets up an ongoing adversary:

TVF: So we’ll have a big bad for the whole season?

GG: On and off a big bad! An actor named Alex Veadov. He’s a lovely man and he plays a Russian mercenary named Sergei Michnev. Very excited about that. He’s a terrific actor and excited about the potential of where he can go and the potential to cross over into the New Orleans show, as well.

TV Line posted this question and answer about NCIS:

Are we going to get the backstory on how Abby and/or Ducky started with NCIS? Also, What is the title of Episode 1? –Barbara

I’ve got nada on Abs thus far, but showrunner Gary Glasberg says that Episode 3 is “a Ducky origin story, where people learn all kinds of things about his past and see a younger David McCallum, so we’re excited about that.” The Season 12 premiere, meanwhile, is titled, “20 Clicks.”

TV Line reports that Adam Campbell will play the younger version of Dr Donald “Ducky” Mallard. “When we saw Adam, all we could think of was a young David McCallum,” Glasberg said. “We can’t wait to introduce him as young Ducky and watch what he brings to this unusual role.” (Here is Campbell’s IMDb profile.)

Here’s another question from TV Line:

Question: Can you tell us anything about this new woman that Tony will meet this season on NCIS? —Mel

Ausiello: As previously reported, the woman due to enter DiNozzo’s life will do so via a case, and as such his dynamic with her will be “completely different” than what he shared with NCIS colleague Ziva David, show boss Gary Glasberg tells us. “The trick will be casting somebody where the chemistry [with Michael Weatherly] is there, but we’re excited about the opportunity,” Glasberg adds. “We’ll give it a shot and see what we can do.”

TV Guide did a feature called Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off. Here’s the section about NCIS:

Where We Left Off: Rather than going the typical cliff-hanger route, Season 11 ended with an episode that paid tribute to Gibbs’ father, played by Ralph Waite, who passed away unexpectedly in the middle of the season. Delilah chose her career over her relationship with McGee, taking a job in Dubai.

What’s Next: After the many changes in Season 11, the NCIS team is taking a “back-to-basics” approach this year, according to showrunner Gary Glasberg. “Season 12 is all about bringing the team together and sort of keeping the family going, and really emphasizing the group as a team,” Glasberg tells The first episode finds McGee and Gibbs in Russia, and will set up a villain whose arc will continue throughout the season and who may show up in a crossover episode with the show’s new New Orleans spin-off, Glasberg says. Along the way, viewers will finally meet Bishop’s mysterious husband Jake, as well as the one remaining unnamed ex-wife of Gibbs. Plus: A new love interest may be in the cards for Tony. (Sorry, Tiva ‘shippers!)

Weatherly and Emily Wickersham (Ellie Bishop) appear in the August issue of CBS Watch magazine. Scans can be found here and here, and you can read Wickersham’s interview on the Watch! website.

Wickersham is also in the September issue of O Magazine—Take a look:

Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) recently suffered an allergic reaction from her black hair dye. Here’s a video from KCAL9 about the situation, which reveals how Perrette will maintain her character’s signature hair color going forward:

Former NCIS actress Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) will star in the upcoming CBS miniseries The Dovekeepers, which will be broadcast in 2015.

Finally, check out these tweets and photos from the cast and crew:


Check out these promo pictures featuring the New Orleans cast—click the preview below to see them on SEAT42F, and you can also find them on CBS Press Express or SpoilerTV.

As previously revealed at the TCAs last month, Rob Kerkovich has been cast as a morgue assistant named Sebastian Voll, which is a series regular role. Here’s a link to his IMDb profile, and check out this tweet from the actor:

It was also revealed at the TCAs that the first season of New Orleans will include crossovers with the flagship series, including appearances from the original NCIS team. “The worlds of the two shows exist in the same place,” said executive producer Jeffrey Lieber. “There’s a lot of cross-pollination of just the world, the places, the people, the history of 259 episodes of the show that come before us. So we are our own thing, but we exist very much in the same universe, which is really cool.”

Here’s part one of an article from about the creative team behind the spinoff. The show will be filmed on location, but the writers are hard at work back in Los Angeles. You can read a quote from executive producer Glasberg below:

The main thing is to really just find talented, passionate writers who are excited about the material, and excited about the show’s world. We’re fortunate enough to have the ‘NCIS’ franchise behind us, and it’s a franchise that people are familiar with, and through 259 episodes of the other show, there’s a built-in education into how ‘NCIS’ works. The trick then is to find people who are enthusiastic and into what the shows do, and then take that and have it morph and grow and expand into something else and its own voice.

This is the fun. The fun is watching other people latch onto characters that you conceived of, and then having their world expand. Bringing those characters to life, finding the minutia, finding the quirks, fun and the eccentricities.

And here’s part two of the article. This quote from Lieber relates to the NCIS crossovers mentioned above:

We are building the possibilities of a season-long mythos that crosses over between the two of them. We want to work very hard to exist in the same universe, and in the same concentric universe. Things that happen in that show are in the same world of things that happen in this show. So if a big terrorist is brought down in that show, we know about it here. If a character in that show has a harrowing experience somewhere, that ends up in this show.

Finally, check out these tweets and photos:

Criminal Minds

Check out this question from TV Line about new series regular Jennifer Love Hewitt (Kate Callahan):

Question: Any news on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Criminal Minds character? —Michael

Ausiello: Turns out that the the BAU team previously made the (off screen) acquaintance of J.Love’s character — because FBI agent Kate Callahan apparently was on hand for their bar-closing karaoke night last season. Nonetheless, they’re a bit startled by the way she resurfaces in their world. “You see [Kate] doing something you don’t see our team ever doing, which is schmoozing with a bad guy, working undercover to take a pedophile down,” show boss Erica Messer shares. “We’ve never seen our team pretend to like a criminal, so right off the bat she’s different in that way.”

E! Online spoke to Hewitt about her role, and you can watch the video here. “They’re just a really neat family there,” she said. “They all really love each other a lot, and they’ve been very nice to me.”

You can also check out a First Look photo of Kate Callahan on TV Guide. The character is “smart, charming, and wise for her years,” according to Messer. Kate has a background in criminal psychology, and “her passion comes from wanting to make the world a safe place.”

TV Guide answered this question about the newest member of the BAU:

Got any details on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character on Criminal Minds? — Caitlyn

Kate Callahan, who’s deep undercover when we first meet her, and the BAU have crossed paths before — just not professionally. By the end of the premiere, we’ll get a big reveal about her personal life that invites even more questions. But don’t worry: “The few things that are sort mysterious in the beginning [about her] will be answered pretty quickly on in the season,” executive producer Erica Messer promises.

Kerr Smith will guest star in the season ten premiere. He will play “Frank Cowles, a creepy everyday man who turns out to be an acromotophile.”

Here’s another question from TV Line:

Got anything on Criminal Minds’ Garcia? –Kay

Early this season, we will find out that Garcia has been struggling with shooting the nurse that tried to kill Dr. Reid in the season finale. Her solution: a trip to Texas to try to make things right. Bonus scoop: In addition to the pair of episodes Matthew Gray Gubler is helming this coming season, Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson also are returning to the director’s chair.

TV Line also posted these two questions about the show:

Any scoop on Criminal Minds? –Brandon

This just in: Dexter alum C.S. Lee will guest-star in this season’s second episode as a high school English teacher with a deadly obsession that began in adolescence, when his academically rigorous father would make him and his older brother read in their shed for hours as punishment for supposedly poor grades. Gee, can’t imagine that has manifested itself too badly in adulthood.

Any stuff coming up for Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds?– DD

The season-ending shooting will have affected both Reid and Garcia more than either of them let on in the Oct. 1 premiere. But over the course of the subsequent three episodes – including a Reid-centric Episode 4 — the show will surface their true feelings. “It was a traumatic event,” affirms showrunner Erica Messer. “It was certainly something Garcia’s never done and certainly isn’t used to.”

Here’s the section about Criminal Minds from TV Guide’s Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off:

Where We Left Off: After Reid got shot in the neck (and survived), Blake, in a panic, called him Ethan, the name of her previously unknown 9-year-old son who died of a mysterious neurological disease. After she dropped Reid off at his apartment and explained who Ethan was, Reid found her BAU credentials in his bag as he watched her hail a cab from his window.

What’s Next: Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the show as Kate Callahan, Blake’s replacement. Unlike Blake, who has transferred to Boston, Kate has no history with anyone on the team. “The idea is that they’ve been down an agent all summer [and] they’ve been interviewing a lot of people, and Hotch meets with her and says, ‘You got the gig,'” executive producer Erica Messer tells us. “You’re going to get to know her from the ground up and … she won’t remain a mystery.” Though the show is entering its 10th season, don’t expect it to wax nostalgic and revisit old unsubs, like last year with The Reaper. “We’re going to be moving on to new, fresh mythologies,” Messer says.

Check out this interview with former writer/producer Simon Mirren from Criminal Minds Fans, in which he discusses his six-year stint on the show.

Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) will return to his daytime TV roots with a two-episode guest appearance on The Young and the Restless this September. “I am excited about returning to The Young and the Restless as a special guest,” Moore said in a statement. “This is where I got my start, and I am looking forward to reuniting with my soap opera family.”

AJ Cook (JJ Jareau) did an interview with RTÉ Ten about the past and future of Criminal Minds. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve had a lot of fun; I definitely have not been bored playing J.J. She’s constantly evolving and growing up and learning from her experiences. To me, it’s life, that’s how I am, that’s how everyone I know is: you’re constantly evolving and changing. When I started the show I was so young and wide-eyed and naive, as J.J. was, very affected and young. You can only be in such a dark industry for so long and be positive. You just can’t stay like that forever: you see too much and it changes you and you have scar tissue after a while, you know.

She’s changed a lot but I feel that J.J. is always going to be that heart and the nurturer. She’s always going to care for everyone else more than she cares for herself and that’s her core and who she’ll always be. It’s nice that those values are always going to be there.

SpoilerTV shared an interview with composers Marc and Steffan Fantini. You can read an excerpt below:

2. By nature, the series is pretty dark, and the humor is sparse. Does that sort of material suit your preference, or do you look forward to the light hearted, less serious parts of the series?

Steffan: First and foremost we are all fans of the show. We enjoy all aspects whether it be the dark and scary, the emotional, the suspenseful or the humorous moments. Musically, we enjoy the variety and as the show has progressed, we get to explore these characters outside of their jobs at the BAU which is quite fascinating and allows for some cool opportunities musically. Every unsub or criminal has a different feel and attitude and so does the music which accompanies them.

As for the humorous, it’s a fine line and often a challenge as the show is quite dark as you correctly point out. We can only go so far comedically or it gets silly and pulls you too far from the drama. Over the years, we have found that balance musically so the show can morph from terror to emotional to humor then back to suspense very naturally.

Next, here’s a collection of tweets and photos:

And finally, check out this Instagram video featuring Moore and Gibson:

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