‘CSI’ Premiere Will Introduce Season-Long Storyline


As CSI Files previously reported, the fifteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will include an ongoing storyline that brings up bad memories for DB Russell (Ted Danson)—you can find more information after the jump. (Contains spoilers!)

Here’s the question and answer from TV Guide:

Got anything on the new season of CSI? — Ron

While last year’s finale steered clear of serial killer territory, the show will jump right back into that pool to kick off Season 15. The season premiere introduces us to a serial murderer known as Mr. Briscoe, whom D.B. Russell brought down years ago. However, just days before his execution, the emergence of a new copycat murderer — and the mysterious appearance of Briscoe’s separated-at-birth twin brother — throws all of Russell’s previous work on the case into serious question. Oh, brother!

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