Take A Peek At Tonight’s ‘Criminal Minds’ Finale


The ninth season of Criminal Minds comes to an end tonight, and you can find a sneak peek, behind-the-scenes video, interviews, question and tweets after the jump. (Contains spoilers!)

Here’s an extended promo for “Demons”, including a sneak peek from the episode with the whole team. (Also available on SpoilerTV.)

Next, check out this behind-the-scenes video offering a look at the music from the finale, featuring composers Marc and Steffan Fantini. (You can also find it on CBS.com.)

Executive Producer Erica Messer spoke to TV Guide about the finale. Here’s an excerpt:

Things aren’t as they seem in this small town. There’s a bigger conspiracy at play and they don’t know what that is at first. They’re aware somebody is framing The Preacher for this crime. Our path at the end of [Episode] 23 lets us know that The Preacher isn’t behind it, so in 24 it’s, ‘Well, who is it?’ There’s a big cover-up. There’s a constant threat to our team because what they will uncover is a pretty big deal and their lives are in serious jeopardy.

Here’s a question from Mega Buzz:

Criminal Minds scoop! Please tell me Reid doesn’t die! — Johnson

Well, Matthew Gray Gubler’s contract is up this season. As you may have already seen in the promo, that bullet he took in the neck last week doesn’t kill him, but the dude holding a gun to his face might. “He’s definitely not out of the woods. Don’t assume he’s OK because he’s awake,” executive producer Erica Messer warns. “[Reid getting shot] is only the beginning of a larger plot in the finale.” So who is shooting at him? “It’s not the unsub,” Messer teases.

AJ Cook (JJ Jareau) did an interview with TV Fanatic, and you can read an excerpt below:

TVF: What can you tell us about the season finale?

Cook: You know, we left everyone on a cruel cliffhanger, having seen two of our own get shot. And we don’t know what’s happened to them. I went on Twitter and told everyone to “just breathe.” It’ll all come together in the finale.

We’re going to see some intense moves from Garcia, so there’s that to watch for. And we’re going to learn a deep secret from one of our characters. Plus. there is going to be one huge change for one of us.

In this episode, we’ve gone from angels to demons, and we’re up against some major corruption in the town. Not everything is at it seems.

Cook also spoke to Brittany Frederick about the finale. “I get to do some cool action stuff,” she said. “I have some nice interrogation scene. [J.J.] gets a little fiesty, when people mess with her team and people are threatened that she loves.”

BuddyTV has several quotes from Cook about “Demons”, including this one:

On the promo tease, “You won’t believe which profiler will say goodbye forever”: “Man, does it say that? …Wow. No, I don’t think it’s lying. I don’t know, we’ll have to see. I don’t know. You’ll have to tune in, but the last two minutes, you’re going to be slack-jawed. Yeah, we’re going to be going into season 10… It’s going to affect everything. It’ll affect everything.”

Also check out this interview with Cook from Zap2It. Here’s an excerpt:

When you first read the script, how shocking was it for you that the characters Reid and Morgan were felled in the shootout at the end of part 1?

At the end of every season I think everyone gets really anxious and wonders if they are going to write someone off. So whenever you get those scripts you skip to the end. It was pretty crazy to see who they decided to shoot, the two heartthrobs. What a way to go. It was so mean to leave it hanging like that and make everyone wait a week. We are picking it up right where we left off in the middle of that shootout guns a blazing. We also learn a huge secret about one of the other characters that will forever change the face of the BAU.

Here are two tweets from Joe Mantegna (David Rossi), including information about his future on the show:

And here are several more tweets:

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