July 21 2024

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‘CSI’ Promises ‘Closure’ In Season 14 Finale

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The fourteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will come to an end next Wednesday, and you can find more information after the jump. (Contains spoilers!)

Here’s the question from TV Guide, which relates to the announcement that Paul Guilfoyle (Jim Brass) will leave the series after this season:

What can you tell me about the CSI season finale? — Brent

Unlike recent seasons, this year won’t end with a cliff-hanger. Instead, the writers will focus on an emotional story for Capt. Brass’ send-off that features the dramatic return of his troubled daughter Ellie. “We started the season with Capt. Brass [realizing] Ellie was a far worse seed than even her dad knew,” executive producer Don McGill says. “[He’s wondered] whether his commitment to the job was responsible for failings in his personal life. We tried to bring some closure to that story line, with the possibility for Capt. Brass to find some peace.” Fortunately, that peace comes with the possibility of a return appearance down the line. “People leave CSI, but they never really leave,” McGill says with a laugh. “The door is always open.”

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