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Check Out More ‘NCIS’, ‘Criminal Minds’ & ‘NCIS:LA’ News & Spoilers

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Here’s another collection of photos, videos, interviews and tweets for NCIS, Criminal Minds and NCIS: Los Angeles, which have been shared this month. (Spoilers after the jump!)


Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) visited Whose Line Is It Anyway? on April 11, and you can watch the full episode here (Weatherly appears at 15:30).

Next, check out these photos, which were shared on Twitter—click each thumbnail to see it full-sized:

Finally, here are two tweets:

Criminal Minds

Check out this recording of a live chat with Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr Spencer Reid), which was held on April 2 (also available on

Joe Mantegna (David Rossi) visited Queen Latifah on her show earlier this month. You can see the full interview here (video plays automatically), or check out the clip below:

Mantegna spoke to Assignment X earlier this season, and here’s an excerpt from that interview:

AX: It seems like they’ve crammed a lot of losses for Rossi into the last couple of seasons, between the ex-wife and the murder of Jayne Atkinson’s character, FBI Deputy Director Erin Strauss, who was involved with Rossi.

MANTEGNA: Right. Well, that’s what I kind of like about our show, is that we’re not afraid to deal with things that really happen in life. I lost my dear friend Dennis Farina [in 2013] and so this is just another reminder of that. That’s part of life, too. And so I think we’re not afraid to deal with those topics on our show, which I kind of like.

Here’s a video from Entertainment Tonight featuring Moore:

This is the trailer for an upcoming animated film, Batman: Assault on Arkham, which includes voice acting from Gubler:

Check out these photos from Twitter—click the thumbnails to see the full-sized images:

Finally, take a look at these tweets:


Check out this interview with Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) from Tonight—here’s an excerpt:

That’s what is so great about the show. You know you are going to follow the crime every week. You know the good guys are going to win. You know there are going to be some great action sequences. But there is also that kind of workplace comedy aspect. The quirky relationships between the characters. It isn’t just about the case. It is how this team come together to solve the case and the personal things that get in the way. It makes the show human and grounded.

Foa and Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones) spoke to Download about their NCIS: LA characters—check out this excerpt:

Barrett, you have a theatrical background, and Renee has a comedy background. How does that play into your roles on “NCIS: Los Angeles”?

Barrett Foa: Good question. I think that we kind of bring a fun, goofy, comedic vibe to the proceedings, which is a great foil for all the action, the brawn, the blowing up of cars, and the terrorism that’s going on. You have your LL Cool J [Sam Hanna] and Chris O’Donnell [G Callen], but you also have your clowns, speaking in theater terms. I am very happy to play into that and foil the brawn. We get to be the brains and a lighter aspect on the show. It’s that workplace-comedy-meets-action-adventure drama that kind of makes the show special and work.

Renée Felice Smith: I have always been the sidekick or comedic relief on any show I’ve done, so I think it helps to brighten our show. We deal with some serious subject matter — crimes of terror — and as humans we need to look at those brighter moments, so that our spirits don’t get damaged too much. For me, that’s what comedy does. It allows you the space and time to digest what’s going on in your life, be it happy, sad, or indifferent. So on the show, I try to insert little bits of light and keep it bright when our world is crashing down. But that’s what we have to do, so the human spirit will press on.

Here’s a short video from the set, which was shared several weeks ago. It includes glimpses of O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Eric Christian Olsen (Marty Deeks) and Foa.

During the summer hiatus, Foa will spend time on stage in his hometown of New York City. He will take over the lead role in the one-man off-Broadway play Buyer & Cellar on May 27.

wikiDeeks did an interview with Supervising Producer Dave Kalstein about Deeks and his relationship with Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah)—here’s an excerpt:

Most of the time we see Deeks as the joker of the team but I find the best stories for him when I think of the brilliant, street-wise undercover cop that Hetty recruited from the LAPD. Eric nails the humor beats so perfectly that sometimes I need to remind myself to challenge him with more dramatic work. And he always rises to that challenge!

Take a look at this brief video, which features O’Donnell on Entertainment Tonight:

Here’s a collection of photos from Twitter—click to see each one full-sized:

Finally, check out these tweets:

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