Ruah Gives Birth, Plus ‘NCIS’ & ‘NCIS:LA’ News & Spoilers


CSI Files previously reported that NCIS: Los Angeles actress Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye) and her fiancé David Olsen were expecting a baby boy. According to NCIS:LA Magazine, Ruah gave birth to her son on Monday, December 30, 2013. Here’s a statement from the actress’s Portugese agency:

To the fans and followers from all corners of the world, the actress is very grateful for all the loving support she’s been receiving these last few months of her pregnancy. She would now like to cherish this special moment in private with her family.

You can find more NCIS: LA and NCIS news and spoilers after the jump!


Check out the NCIS: LA information from TV Line’s Winter TV Spoiler-palooza:

COMING UP NEXT | Kensi’s assignment “came at the very, very worst possible time for her and Deeks,” show boss Shane Brennan acknowledges. “But it’s been a lot of fun, and we’ve really enjoyed doing it” – which is in essence found gold, seeing as Season 5 wasn’t headed that way until it needed to set up Daniela Ruah’s maternity leave. And while Brennan long ago ruled out writing in that pregnancy, “Densi” nonetheless is on track to experience a shock “that turns everything on its head … and impacts them in a very, very, very big way.” Until then and elsewhere, viewers can count on “a lot of fun episodes” that play off the classic Callen/Sam chemistry, an episode where Deeks goes undercover as a “fabulous” interior decorator named Sven and a February sweeps outing guest-starring Danny Trejo (Machete) as a man from Hetty’s past. And while Nell will continue to find herself “out and about” with field assignments, Eric’s “past life pays a call on him” on or around Episode 17.


You can watch the promo for next week’s brand new episode of NCIS, “Kill Chain”, below. (It’s also available on and SpoilerTV.)

TV Guide reports that Robert Wagner will return as Tony DiNozzo’s (Michael Weatherly) father, Anthony DiNozzo Sr, in the 250th episode. During the February installment, Anthony Sr will introduce Tony to his much-younger girlfriend. According to Executive Producer Gary Glasberg, “This woman could potentially be Tony’s new stepmom, and a big part of the story is her age and the awkwardness that brings to Tony. Prior to meeting her, Tony tries to find out as much as he can about who she is.”

Finally, here’s the NCIS portion of the Winter TV Spoiler-palooza from TV Line:

COMING UP NEXT | “The Parsa story is going to come back in a big way” when Season 11 resumes on Jan. 7, showrunner Gary Glasberg says. “That episode is going to come out of the gate hot” and set in motion “a roller coaster ride for a good portion of the winter.” Susannah Thompson reprises her role as Hollis Mann in that episode (“Her and Mark Harmon’s moments together are terrific,” Glasberg effuses), while Wendy McKenna’s Dr. Cranston shows up a week later, to help the team cope with a crisis. Also on the horizon is Episode 250, which among other things features the return of DiNozzo’s dad (played by Robert Wagner) — though he’s not alone this time, but with a lady on his arm. The result, says Glasberg, is “lots of questions and uncomfortable moments” for son Tony, a combo of “angst and lightness and fun.”

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