Take A Peek At Tonight’s ‘Criminal Minds’ & ‘CSI’


You can find clips from this week’s episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Criminal Minds embedded after the jump, along with tweets relating to both shows.

First, here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s installment of Criminal Minds, “Bully”, featuring Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) and Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn). (You can also watch it on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

And check out this tweet about a song from the episode:

Here’s a clip from the CSI episode “The Lost Reindeer”, featuring DB Russell (Ted Danson) and David Phillips (David Berman). (It is also available on CBS.com, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

Finally, check out several tweets relating to the episode, including information about a live chat featuring writer/Co-Executive Producer Gavin Harris, director/Line Producer Frank Waldeck, Wallace Langham (David Hodges) and Elisabeth Harnois (Morgan Brody):

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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