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Check Out More ‘NCIS’, ‘NCIS: LA’ & ‘Criminal Minds’ News & Spoilers

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Here’s another collection of Criminal Minds, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS photos, interviews, videos, questions, tweets and news articles from the past two weeks. (Contains spoilers!)

Criminal Minds

Paulo Costanzo will guest star in the twelfth episode of season nine as “Shane Wyeth, an old friend from Garcia’s (Kirsten Vangsness) troubled past who she hasn’t seen since she joined the BAU.”

Here’s a question from TV Line:

Question: Is Beth returning to Criminal Minds? The last episode, with Hotch’s death bed epiphany of sorts, seemed to hint that way. But I know the actress is now on Scandal. —Deanna

Ausiello: In a word, or four, Thomas Gibson says, “God, I hope so.” But he then points out: “It’s all up to Shonda [Rhimes],” as in the aforementioned Scandal’s creator. “It’d be very nice to see if she’d let [Bellamy Young] come and play. I’m hoping that they will.”

Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) recently visited the Arsenio Hall Show—check out a behind the scenes clip here, take a look at the photos below, and watch the full interview:

Moore will be on Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, November 13 to discuss his mother’s battle with multiple sclerosis—you can watch a preview here.

The November issue of Sharp Magazine features a photo shoot with Moore wearing parkas for winter. Here’s a question from the attached interview:

We’ve heard a rumour that you actually help to choose all your character’s clothes on Criminal Minds.

My wardrobe department probably doesn’t want me to say that out loud, but yeah. I’m very picky, even for the simplest things like a pair of jeans or boots. I look at outfits and clothing from all angles, from the way your jacket fits to the height of your high-tops. You can call it vain if you want to, but it matters: the clothes I wear can change my delivery, the way I walk and talk. And because I’m the tough guy of the group, I’ve got to be able to run up and down fire escapes, kick down doors, and feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.

Check out this collection of photos, including shots of the cast dressed up for Halloween:


Here’s a video from ET Online, featuring Eric Christian Olsen (Marty Deeks), Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye), Chris O’Donnell (G Callen) and LL Cool J (Sam Hanna):

Check out these pictures of the cast:

Several photos above are from the TV Guide Magazine Hot List party, and you can find a video below featuring Ruah and Olsen (starts at 1:00):

Executive Producer Shane Brennan spoke to XFinity TV about last week’s episode, along with upcoming storylines. Here’s an excerpt about Sam:

From the first episode — in fact, prior to the first episode, it was always my intention to have Sam married and have children and just hold that information back and have it casually come out, which it did. Callen knew and Hetty (Linda Hunt) knew, but Deeks and Kensi didn’t know and were surprised. We had fun doing that.

There are other things about Sam that we don’t yet know that Callen and Hetty know and that will be revealed. As complex and unknown as Callen’s backstory is, Sam’s backstory, his home life, and his history is perhaps what you might call more traditional, but it is still to be revealed.

Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones) did a short interview with The Vented—here’s a question relating to her NCIS: LA costar Linda Hunt (Hetty Lange):

Who is the most interesting person you have worked with?

Ms. Linda Hunt. She’s the eighth wonder of the world.

Finally, check out these two tweets from Executive Producer John Peter Kousakis:


CBS has announced that Emily Wickersham will be a series regular, starting with her first appearance in the November 19th episode, “Gut Check”. Executive Producer Gary Glasberg said Wickersham’s character, NSA Analyst Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, “is proving to perfectly compliment the NCIS team. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Great things are planned for Bishop and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board.”

Here are several photos featuring Wickersham on the NCIS set—click to see them full-sized:

Wickersham spoke to OMG! Insider about learning she was a series regular:

Glasberg spoke to TV Line about several upcoming episodes, including “Gut Check”—here’s an excerpt relating to this week’s installment:

WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE…. | The Nov. 12 episode, “Alibi,” guest-stars Eureka’s Salli Richardson-Whitfield as an FBI agent-turned-attorney who prompts Gibbs & Co. to revisit a hit-and-run murder. (“Salli is dynamite, and I look forward to working with her again,” Glasberg raves.) McGee meanwhile notices some strange behavior exhibited by Tony — a logline point that has some fans quite curious, as well. “It’s more of the arc of Tony working through what’s happened this season — Ziva’s departure, finding what’s next for him…. It’s Tony being Tony, and McGee reacting to that,” Glasberg elaborates. (As for the fact that this episode airs on the date of Ziva’s birthday: Contrary to Rule 39, it’s pure coincidence.)

Check out this question from TV Line:

Please, please tell me you have inside scoop on anything NCIS-related, especially regarding McGee or Tony? –Marla

One could argue this scooplet pertains to McGee — seeing as he spooned with her the last time around. Melinda McGraw is due back for another encore as Diane Sterling AKA ex-Mrs. Gibbs AKA ex-Mrs. Fornell.

You can watch two short videos below featuring Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) on Queen Latifah’s talk show, which she visited on October 29 to discuss her Love is Changing History short film:

This collection of photos features Perrette posing with Meredith Eaton (Carol Wilson), Queen Latifah, Kevin Frazier and Lance Bass, along with shots of Perrette at the 2013 Hero Dog Awards

Here’s a video of Perrette and Bass on OMG! Insider talking about the Love is Changing History project:

Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) was on The Talk for Halloween, and here are two images followed by the full interview:

Entertainment Weekly posted these two questions:

Any new NCIS scoop? What’s in store for my favorite special agent DiNozzo? I love that the show still acknowledges Ziva’s absence and I hope it doesn’t disappear completely as I’m not ready to move on. — Cheryl

It won’t. 1) Michael Weatherly seems to be enjoying having so much to sink his teeth into. 2) EP Gary Glasberg says it won’t. And 3) Nos. 1 and 2 are enough. “We’re letting the character continue on this natural path of dealing with the ups and downs of Ziva’s absence,” says Glasberg. “Those ups and downs will continue. Slowly but surely — just as in the real world — he’s getting refocused and getting his life together. He’s figuring things out.”

NCIS scoop! Where was Vance last week?! — Terri

Don’t worry, he’s around. And look for him to have a huge storyline in a December episode that will [SCOOP!] guest-star BEN VEREEN as a relative of the late Jackie Vance. “Vance and his kids have to get through the holidays with all the emotion that comes with it, and part of it is to introduce this character and the interaction that Vereen’s character will have with Vance,” says Glasberg.

Rocky Carroll (Leon Vance) posted this tweet about an upcoming episode:

Here’s another question from TV Line:

Question: Was wondering if you got any scoop on a McGee-centric episode of NCIS this season. –Barb

Ausiello: There is indeed some McGoodness on the horizon, though show boss Gary Glabserg at this time is mum on details. All he’d tell us is, “We always like to come back from the holidays doing something fun, and McGee will play a really big part in that.”

Weatherly visited Arsenio Hall’s show last week. You can watch a short video here, and you can watch the full interview below:

Here are a few tweets from Perrette, in which she answered fan questions:

Finally, check out these two questions from TV Line:

I heard that NCIS is going to do another spinoff. Any info, please? And are any of the current cast moving to it? –Donald

As previously reported, the prospective offshoot is set in New Orleans and will be introduced via a spring 2014 episode of the mothership. As for its cast, Gary Glasberg – who is exec-producing the planted pilot with NCIS frontman Mark Harmon – says there will “absolutely” be opportunities for familiar faces to swing by NOLA. When I then passed along a reader’s suggestion that CGIS Agent Borin (played by Diane Neal) — whom Gibbs recently sorta-offered a job — be part of the spin-off’s cast, Glasberg hedged, “I haven’t quite put [the list of characters] together yet, but that is an interesting idea!” Speaking of which….

Forget the character Bishop — bring Diane Neal on as an NCIS regular! She has great chemistry with the cast. Please tell me we will see more of her character. –Robin

When I, too, shared with show boss Gary Glasberg my enjoyment of Neal’s most recent visit, he joined in on the fanning. “I really appreciate the fact that everyone responds so well to the guest stars that come in, and Diane Neal is more than that — she’s a part of this family, and we will continue to use her. To have her come back is super-important, and we’ll continue to do that.”

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