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Watch Clips From Tonight’s ‘NCIS’ & ‘NCIS:LA’, Plus News & Spoilers

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You can find sneak peeks from this week’s episodes of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles embedded after the jump, along with interviews about both shows. (Contains spoilers!)


First, here’s a scene from the tonight’s episode, “Anonymous was a Woman”, featuring Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Timothy McGee (Sean Murray). It is also available on and Spoiler TV.

Executive Producer Gary Glasberg spoke to XFinity TV about this week’s installment and the upcoming introduction of Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham). Here’s an excerpt from the interview, which relates to the appearance of the late Mike Franks (Muse Watson) in tonight’s episode:

XfinityTV: You mentioned in our last interview that Mike Franks would be returning. So in this episode, will we see him more in flashbacks than in Gibbs’ imagination like his last appearance?

Glasberg: That is a good way to describe it. Steve Binder wrote a really fantastic episode that I am really proud of. It is a story from Franks’ past that effects Gibbs. We do some flashbacks, and we look into a world and an issue that is significant, concerning, and emotional. I just finished watching the episode last night and I’m proud of it.


Don’t forget to check out the three sneak peeks for this week’s 100th episode, “Reznikov, N”, which were posted here, and be sure to watch The Talk to see the cast at 2:00pm ET (1:00pm CT/PT) on CBS.

Executive Producer Shane Brennan spoke to TV Fanatic about the milestone and how it relates to G Callen (Chris O’Donnell). Here’s an excerpt:

The 100th episode pays off a lot, if not all, of the back stories that we’ve set up for Callen. This is an episode that I conceived way back at episode 25. So, I’ve been waiting 75 episodes to tell this story. It’s been a lot of fun building the puzzle. Every time we do a Callen story, there’s a little bit more in that story that reveals what’s about to unfold in the 100th episode.

The above link features a video offering fans a look at the first 90 seconds of the episode, which you can watch below. It features Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer), Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) and Callen.

Brennan also spoke to XFinity TV about episode 100, and here’s one question:

I thought Callen’s father was dead.

You thought wrong. We never said he was dead. His mother’s dead. His father was never known. One of the fun things of doing this episode is to string together all the pieces of this story going way back to the beginning of the show. We looked at all the material: The scenes we’ve done, the pieces of information that Callen has about his backstory, his family, and his life. There is a significant amount of material there. It was fun getting all these pieces to line up with the story. Going right back to the beginning of the second season, this is a story I’ve wanted to tell. I’ve always earmarked it for the 100th episode in the hope that we’d get there, so I’ve been sitting on this story for 75 episodes.

As Brennan told TV Guide, this storyline brings back the Comescus family, who killed Callen’s mother:

It’s one thing for them to go to Romania … and for them to poke the hornet’s nest over there. It’s an entirely different thing to have the hornet’s nest land in Callen’s lap in Los Angeles. This is kind of a showdown. … It rolls into the room like a live hand grenade.

Brennan also talked to TV Line about this episode, and here’s an excerpt:

TVLINE | When the script for an episode like this starts circulating to the cast, does Chris ever, like, pick up the phone or get a message to you saying, “Shane, this is dynamite”?

It does happen. Chris is just an absolute professional. He comes prepared every day, he’s someone who walks in and knows his material. But beyond being word-perfect, he is right inside the character and the moment, and understands where it comes from. In a particular episode, he might reference something that happened 25 episodes ago, he’s just masterful at it. And so, yeah, when he saw this script he said, “Wow” – and it was the wow of, “I can’t wait to get into this because it’s big, it’s tough, I’m going to have to work really hard as an actor. This is challenging, and I love that challenge.” And he absolutely delivered.

Here’s another short interview with Brennan, from Entertainment Weekly. Now that NCIS: LA has reached 100 episodes, he is looking toward the future: “This show will easily reach its 200th milestone if we continue with this enthusiasm and freshness.”

Brennan spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the four secrets to NCIS: LA’s success. One of them is to film in real spots around Los Angeles. “People in L.A. can identify when locations are fake,” he said.

Finally, here’s a music video featuring LL Cool J and clips from the past 100 episodes to celebrate the milestone:

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