February 29 2024

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Here’s More About Tonight’s ‘CSI’, Plus ‘Criminal Minds’ Info

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Check out another collection of news articles relating to the 300th episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, along with one link about this week’s episode of Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds

First, here’s an interview with Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner) from TV Line about tonight’s episode, along with the rest of season nine. Here’s an excerpt relating to “Route 66”, in which Hotch has visions of his his late wife Haley (Meredith Monroe) and George “The Reaper” Foyet (C Thomas Howell):

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you heard the show would again revisit this painful, formative part of Hotch’s past?

I thought it was great because, yes, it’s a painful, formative time, but it’s also something that you as an actor would like to deal with again. When [showrunner] Erica [Messer] said, “Hey, we want to revisit Hotch and Haley,” I said, “How do we do it?” And [writer/co-exec producer] Virgil [Williams] pitched this story that was really fantastic. We really had a good time, within the structure of that dream, to kind of go through it all again, in a concentrated way but no less of a horrifying way.


Here are tweets from the CSI Writers’ Room account confirming that Elisabeth Harnois (Morgan Brody) and Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders) will participate in the live chat tonight at 10:00pm ET, along with a possible appearance from “Frame by Frame” writer Gavin Harris.

Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn gave a list of the 10 best CSI episodes to TV Guide, and the cast offered their thoughts about each one. Here are Marg Helgenberger’s (Catherine Willows) thoughts about one of the episodes:

4. Fur and Loathing (Season 4, Episode 5) After finding a dead man dressed as a raccoon on the side of the road, the CSIs head to a convention of furries — adults who wear animal costumes for sexual pleasure (one of whom is Sex and the City’s Willie Garson as a sexy kitty). “I didn’t know much about this world, so before we shot the episode, the director and I went to an event where people came wearing tails,” remembers Helgenberger. “A lot of the extras we used were actually into that. God bless them.”

Here’s an interview with Mendelsohn and Executive Producer Don McGill from the New York Post. Tonight’s 300th episode features a series of fake flashbacks, or “fauxbacks”, offering a glimpse at the past. “We got a chance to show where all our cast members today were character-wise 14 years ago,” McGill explained.

Here’s another article from TV Guide, and Mendelsohn said the 300th episode pays homage to the show’s history:

Everybody’s been asking, ‘What are your favorite episodes? What moments do you remember the best on set?’ And because we want to hark back to those iconic moments of the past, we flash back to some of the golden oldie cases. We took a poll among all the writers: What are your favorite cases? And those are the cases we flash back to during the episode.

Entertainment Weekly shared their top 10 list of CSI’s “most intriguing guest stars”, including Justin Bieber (“Shock Waves”, “Targets of Obsession”) and Roger Daltrey (“Living Legend”).

The Daily Beast also shared a list of 8 memorable episodes. According to McGill, “CSI changed television.”

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