‘CSI’ Pays ‘Homage’ To Grissom In Episode 300


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will air its 300th episode on October 23, and the milestone will feature a reference to original leading man Gil Grissom (William Petersen). (Potential spoilers after the jump!)

Here’s the original question and answer, from TV Guide:

Is there any chance of Grissom popping up in CSI’s 300th episode? — Selena

ADAM: In the flesh? Nah. But the episode, which flashes back to a 14-year-old case, does feature a full-circle shout-out to the man who started it all. “[The writers] pay a very sound and beautiful homage to [Grissom],” Jorja Fox says. Speaking of Grissom, how is Sara handling the couple’s separation this season? “Sara is too young to sleep alone,” Fox says. “As painful as it is to not be with Grissom anymore, the idea of also being with the ghost of Grissom is really lonely and alienating.” Does that mean she’ll be sharing her bed with someone else? Not exactly. “Sara is always going to be in love with Grissom. She’s always going to pine for him and her heart is always, in a certain way, going to belong to him,” Fox says.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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