February 22 2024

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‘The Devil & DB Russell’ Official Details, Plus What’s On This Week

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Premiere week has arrived. Here is the cast list and official details for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, plus what’s on NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Criminal Minds.

NCIS kicks off season 11 with “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” on Tuesday at 8:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode description (more information here):

An explosion at a D.C. event that results in a casualty connected to the agency changes Parsons’ perspective on Gibbs and the NCIS team. Meanwhile, without badges, DiNozzo and McGee investigate the case as civilians, despite the case’s dangerous ties to each of them.

The fifth season of NCIS: Los Angeles starts at 9:00pm ET/PT on Tuesday. Here’s the episode description for “Ascension” (more information here):

While Sam and Deeks recover from traumatic torture that will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional relationships, lives are still in jeopardy as the NCIS: LA team searches for stolen nuclear weapons.

On Wednesday, Criminal Minds starts its ninth season at 9:00pm ET/PT with “The Inspiration”. Here’s the episode description (more information here):

The hunt for a methodical killer takes the BAU to Arizona to search for an increasingly devolving UnSub, and the team speculates that Hotch is in the running to be the new BAU unit chief.

The fourteenth season of CSI premieres on Wednesday at 10:00pm ET/PT, and the team is searching for two missing daughters in “The Devil and DB Russell”:

D.B. Russell leads the CSI team on a hunt to find Morgan and Ellie Brass following their kidnapping by a ritualistic killer.

Producer Alec Smight has directed 33 previous episodes, most recently the season 13 finale, “Skin in the Game”. The episode was written by Supervising Producer Christopher Barbour and Executive Producer Don McGill, based on a story by Barbour. Barbour has 14 previous writing credits, and McGill has seven; they most recently penned “Skin in the Game”.

The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

  • Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie)
  • Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell)
  • Eric Roberts (Brother Daniel Larson)
  • Tangie Ambrose (Miss Kitty / Angela Banner)
  • James Callis (John Merchiston)
  • Teal Redmann (Ellie Brass)
  • Luke Kleintank (Jake)
  • Annabella Sciorra (Nancy Brass)
  • Tim Matheson (Oliver Tate)
  • Lucas Kerr (Matthew Tarland)
  • John Rubinstein (Priest)

Marc Vann and Larry Mitchell are reprising established recurring roles. Eric Roberts, Tangie Ambrose, James Callis, Luke Kleintank, Annabella Sciorra and Tim Matheson were all in last season’s finale, “Skin in the Game”. Redmann’s last physical appearance on CSI was in the season six finale “Way to Go”. John Rubinstein guest-starred in season six’s “The Unusual Suspect”. The other actor is new to the franchise.

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