April 21 2024

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Check Out More News & Spoilers For ‘NCIS’, ‘NCIS:LA’ & ‘Criminal Minds’

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Here’s another collection of news items and episode spoilers for NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Criminal Minds. (Spoilers after the jump!)


Executive Producer Gary Glasberg posted an open letter to fans, and you can find it below or at CBS.com:

Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) and Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) posted previews of songs they sang on the official soundtrack:

Here’s a fun video Weatherly posted, featuring the CBS Eye Guy:

In case you missed it last month, take an “Ultimate Look Back” at season 10:


Here’s a question and answer from Ask Ausiello about the premiere:

Question: We’ve seen NCIS: LA scoops about Deeks, Kensi, Sam and Callen, but what about Michelle? Girlfriend was left hanging out a window! –Helen

Ausiello: We’ve watched the Season 5 premiere (airing Sept. 24), and most simply said: Do not underestimate Sam’s wife. By any stretch. And on a semi-related note: motorcycle chase!

Executive Producer John Peter Kousakis posted a few more tweets:

This video features Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) and Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones) dancing “Between Takes”, and it also includes a few hints about season five (starts at approximately 4:10):

Here’s the “Ultimate Look Back” for season four, in case you missed it last month:

Criminal Minds

MegaBuzz posted a question and answer about Minds:

How is The Reaper going to return to Criminal Minds? — Terry

ADAM: There are only a few ways a dead character can resurface — short of reanimation — and, well, there is no Walking Dead crossover planned. Instead, both The Reaper (C. Thomas Howell) and Hotch’s late wife Haley (Meredith Monroe) will appear in one of Hotch’s dreams on the fifth episode of the new season. “It starts with flashbacks [to Hotch’s stabbing] and then it turns, as dreams do, into this really interesting sequence where he sees both Haley and Foyet alive,” showrunner Erica Messer tells us. What triggers this vision? Well, let’s just say that Hotch isn’t exactly just catching some ZZZs when it happens.

AJ Cook (JJ Jareau) posted this photo from the set, featuring Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan):

Here’s a short Vine clip showing the crew filming in a library:

Be sure to watch the “Ultimate Look Back” for season nine, in case you missed it:

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